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Neimar went home but missed the next PSG match

The star of Money Saint-Germain Neimar is back on the club. The Brazilian came home from home where he was for several days because of family problems. He will not play in the League Cup match against Racing Strasbourg tomorrow. Senior coach Unai Emery did not include Barcelona’s former soccer player in the match group and decided to bet on players who are less likely to be in the squad.

Lavin Kurzawa, Tiago Silva and Adrienne Rabio will also miss the meeting with Strasbourg. Instead, Emery included Jasin Adley, Alec Jorden and Stanley Undoky.


Azar impressed everyone with his behavior after the Huddersfield match

Chelsea’s big star Eden Azar, who yesterday was even applauded by his rivals during a clash with Huddersfield, made a very good impression in his interview after the John Smith Stadium. The Belgian spoke in the company of his teammate, Villian, after both of them were at the heart of the victory of the Londoners. Azar, which is in great shape, shows a good mood and a sense of humor. But he, with whom he won the most sympathy, was his gesture towards his teammate. At the end of the interview, Willian had to hand the Belgian official award to the match. However, Azar refused to accept this choice and returned the Brazilian award, declaring that he deserved it.

Donaruma remains in Milan, costing 70 million.

Despite the controversial information of recent days, Milan’s bosses are convinced goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma will remain in the team. Sky Italia says the rumors that 18-year-old guardian Mino Raiola insists on canceling his contract are far from the truth. Rajola met with people from the Rossoneri leadership several times in November, and both sides are in good standing. The only disappointment of the malicious manager is that Milan has never included a release clause in Donaurra’s contract.

According to the Corriere della Sera, the situation is a bit different. The editorial confirms that neither the club nor Donaruma is willing to transfer it at this stage, but with regard to the ransom clause, Raiola himself insisted that he should not appear in the contract. The newspaper adds that Milan would still tend to split up with Jijo if they receive a bid of at least EUR 70 million. This is likely to happen if the team does not qualify for the Champions League and the club is forced to sell some of its current players. In Italy, the only option ahead of Donaruma is Juventus, but he does not look seriously at her. The offer may also come from Pari Saint-Germain, although in the French Grandpa they are offended by the youngster for his refusal to join them last summer.


Mourinho was again angry with journalists in England

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho once again angry with the British media at his press conference yesterday. The reason for this was the question of the scandal in the Old Trafford tunnel after the Manchester derby. The Portuguese first explained that what happened was a matter of differences in the behavior and education of the players of both teams, giving as an example the way his players celebrated their success against Arsenal of the Emirates. Then Mourinho tried to finish the subject, but there were several questions that were obviously annoyed.

The first was whether the Portuguese expects the club to be punished for the melee. The Special said, “Why? I think you work for another club, not for the media.”

Mourinho was then asked if he expects sanctions specifically for Romulus Lukaku, who allegedly threw a bottle of a person from City Headquarters. The manager replied: “You know how to proceed – you blame it, investigate, show the evidence and punish it.”

Journalists, however, continued to insist and asked Mourinho if he was sure that his players had behaved in the most appropriate way. Here the Portuguese said he was convinced of this, then got out of his place, thanked, and went out. On the way to the exit, the Special Court has accused journalists of not respecting Bournemouth, the players of this team and their manager Eddie Hau, as they have not asked any questions about the upcoming clash between the two Old Trafford teams.


Barca slipped away a heavy draw by a red card

The leader in La Liga Barcelona retained the distance to the pursuers after a tough 2-0 win over their visit to Villarreal in a 15th round match. The Catalans were facilitated by a direct red card in the 60th minute, after which the defeat of Luis Suarez (72) and Lionel Messi (83) fell. Curiously, Barca’s second goal had a second ball on the pitch, though far from the situation. With this goal, the genius Argentine equalized Gerd Muller’s record for the most goals for a club playing in one of Europe’s major championships – 525 goals.


Ernesto Valverde once again placed a 4-4-2 with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez ahead. Paulinho and Dennis Suarez entered the midfield and Thomas Vermelen was a partner of Gerard Pique in the protective shaft. Sergio Asenho returned to the “yellow” door after months of injury treatment. Haiti Kaieha chose a 4-4-2 pitch with a diamond in the middle of the field and attackers Cedric Bakamby and Daniel Raba.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
The meeting started with a beam for Barca as early as the fourth minute. After a corner, Pike shook his head and aimed the crossbar. In the 11th minute, the Referee raised a controversial ambush of Roberto Soriano. Repetition showed that there was no ambush. In the 16th Soriano he shoots attractive from the air, and Marc-André ter Stegen made an impressive rescue with one hand.

In the 22nd Messi shot from a 21-meter foul, he searched for the corner of the wall, but Assenho was prepared and managed. The 26th Terter Steigen was again careful after Raba’s centering, in which Soriano reached out but did not play the ball. The shares of the submarine were quite sharp and often caused tensions at the door of the German watchman. In the 28th, the judge did not see how Hume Kosta pushed Luis Suarez with a bumpy ball.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7C 35th Dennis Suarez has twice mistakenly played the game for a great sequel. Three minutes later Leo falsified the ball from the rainbow and the ball passed half a meter to the side. In the 42nd “yellow” again created a danger, the ball was centered on the left, and Ter Stegen was just slain at the foot of Roberto Soriano. By the end of the half-time the goal did not fall, with the hosts having to regret more because they had the more acute situations.

The second half started at a fast pace. Barca’s attacks were largely devoid of creativity. In the 58th Jordi Alba centered, Asenho did not interfere well, and Pao Alcasser missed the ball a few seconds earlier. A minute later, the left back found Messi at the point of the penalty, the Argentine instantly sought the far corner and the ball licked the beam. In the 60th, the referee pulled a direct red card to Raba for dangerous entry with the buttons at Sergio Buscakes’ feet.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
The Catalan team is expected to settle in half the “yellow”. In the 67th Alba centered, Luis Suarez departed on the first beam and had a slap to hit the far beam. In the 70th, the familiar combination between Messi and Alba again threatened the hosts’ door. Leo found the Spanish national, he returned the ball to the penalty area, and after the instant jam, he knit on the outside of the net.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
In 72th, the pressure of “los blaugranas” brought a goal. Alcasser very finely knocked the ball for Luis Suarez who, against the goalie, decided to flip and a second later to score an empty goal – 0: 1. In the 76th Manu Trigeros scored a very good shot of 25 meters – Ter Stegen anticipated the direction and slaughtered. In the 81st, Messi yanked the ball for Luis Suarez, who failed to hit her well in the air.

A hundred seconds later La Pulga resolves the dispute with a second goal. Victor Ruis was wrong on the move, Messi received the ball, two defenders collided, the Argentine jumped against Asenho and matched him with a precise shot. The repetitions showed curiosity. During Leo’s goal on the pitch there was a second ball, though away from the situation.


Thus, the Catalans interrupted a series of two consecutive draws in the League. The next Barcelona meeting is next weekend when Deportivo La Coruña arrives at Camp Nou. After another week, it is the big fight with Real Madrid, set as a pre-gift for football fans.


Today Ludogorets will know his rival in the Europa League

Today, after 14:00, Bulgarian champion Ludogorets will learn his rival in the 1/16-finals for Europa League. Dimitar Dimitrov-Hero’s team is in the ballot of the non-winning teams after finishing second in group C of the tournament.
This means that the Bulgarian champion will face one of the 15 placed teams because the rules do not allow to play at this stage with the winner of his group – Braga. Among the possible rivals are the names of European colossus, such as Milan, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid. The finalists of the Champions League in 2014 and 2016, like Sporting (Lisbon), Leipzig and CSKA (Moscow) of Georgi Milanov, are the four placed, which finished third in the group stage of the Champions League.

Two of the potential rivals – Lazio and Victoria (Pilsen) have already dropped out of Ludogorets in the European tournaments.

Potential rivals of Ludogorets: CSKA (Moscow), Atletico (Madrid), Leipzig, Sporting (Lisbon), Villarreal, Dinamo (Kiev), Milan, Lazio, Atalanta, Lokomotiv, Moscow, , Zenith and Salzburg.
The teams from the Ludogorets Urn: Spartacus (Moscow), Napoli, Celtic, Borussia (Dortmund), Astana, Partizan, AEK, Lyon, FC Copenhagen, Steaua, Red Star, Oosterndon, Nice, Real Sociedad and Olympique Marseille.


Mull in the Old Trafford Tunnel! Mourinho, with his bottles, blood on the face of a Guardiola assistant

The passions in the Manchester derby, which was won by the Premier League leader by 2: 1 and largely neglected the intrigue at the top, have heated up to red after Michael Oliver’s last referee signal. According to reports in the English media, the Old Trafford tunnel has reached battle scenes.

The Manchester City players stayed a little longer on the pitch to celebrate their success with their fans. On his way back to the red-dressing manager, Jose Mourinho made angry comments to the guests. The Citizen Guard, Ederson, responded to him in Portuguese, and then the two entered a turbulent discussion. Manchester United players have followed the Special in the corridor and joined the dispute. In the subsequent melee, Mourinho was hit with empty plastic bottles of water, and was overwhelmed with milk.

According to witnesses some of the players have exchanged strikes, and Michel Arteta, one of the assistants of Josep Guardiola, has had blood on the face as a result of an arcade.

It is claimed that a total of about 20 players – players and staff from the clubs of both clubs – have joined the mall.


Today we will find out which way the big Champions League will go

A few days after the Champions League group stage is over, the first pairs of the elimination phase of the most prestigious football club race will become clear. The draw for the 1/8-finals will be withdrawn today at UEFA headquarters in Nyon. The procedure starts in 13 hours Bulgarian time.

The teams are divided into two hurdles, the first one being made up of the winners in the groups and the second one by the teams second. There is no way for teams from the same country to fall against each other.

The placed teams will be in the first round, which will take place on 13/14 and 20/21 February. Revans are 6/7 and 13/14 March.


Barca drew a fierce opponent for the King’s Cup

The three-time winner of the King of Barcelona Cup will fight the Celta at the 1/8-final of this year’s race. This puts the present in the Las Rosas sports center near Madrid. Only three days ago Ernesto Valverde’s boys failed to defeat the Gallic team at Camp Nou in a match of the Primera Liga. The first match of the elimination for the Cup will be at Balaidos and the rematch in Catalonia. Last season, the Vigo team removed Real Madrid and reached the 1/2-final in the La Copa tournament.

Spain’s Real Madrid has dropped with a much lighter opponent, with the second-round Numancia. The first meeting will be in Soria, and the rematch – at Santiago Bernabeu. Atletico Madrid has pulled one of the two third-team teams – the Catalan Lady. The rule requires Athletes to play in the first match of the lower-level football team. The other couples are not attractive at first reading. There will be an Andalusian derby between Seville’s ambitious team and Betis-Cadiz’s “executioner”. The second in La Liga Valencia has to deal with the lame Las Palmas. The suffered sensation in the past round of the Formentera team will fight with Alayes. The other two pairs are Leganes – Villarreal and Espanyol – Levante.

The 1/8-final meeting is on January 3rd and 10th.


Mourinho will receive 80 million plus sales revenue for winter selection

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will receive 80 million pounds for winter selection, although club bosses are generally in favor of large transfers in January. The Portuguese can increase the amount with the revenue it will receive from potential sales of unnecessary players. According to English media, it is most likely that Luke Shaw and Matteo Darmian are the first to be sold. Henrich Mhhtaaryan may return to his former club, Borussia (Dortmund), and Maruana Felaini’s future is not quite sure as his contract expires.

Mourinho wants to take new players for four positions – left back, right wing, back midfielder and playmaker. Surely, however, all these additions can not be attracted in January.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the Portuguese wants a big star on his team. Such a deal, however, certainly can not be achieved in the winter and such a transfer will be run after the end of the season.


The matches in WS today – formality for some and decisive battles for others

Nowadays, the last matches in 4 of the Champions League teams are to be played. Most of them have a serious intrigue and will decide which teams will go ahead in the tournament and who will join the Europa League. There are also games that do not depend on anything, and teams will only play for their honor and for the UEFA prizes.

In Group A, Manchester United needs a point at home against CSKA (Moscow) to finish first. “Red” Devils “will also qualify for a loss if it is not more than 6 goals – this is the case if Basel wins his visit to Benfica and three teams will score 9 points. with more points from Basel, and the task of the Swiss is easier because they are visiting Benfica’s five consecutive losses, and they also have an advantage in direct duels with the “Army.”

In Group B, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern (Munich) have long since defeated Celtic and Anderlecht, and it is up to them to determine who will win first. The only option of not being PSG is Bayern to win against Uliy Emerich’s Allianz Arena with 4 or more goals.

Similar is the situation in the battle for the third position between Celtic and Anderlecht. The Belgians lost at home with 0: 3, which means they need success with the same or higher score in Glasgow to replace the Clover.

In group C, Chelsea has already secured the participation of the eighth finals, but is trying to finish first. This could be a victory against Atletico Madrid. In the event of a tie or a loss, the “blue” still have a chance to maintain the leadership position, but only if Roma does not beat Karabakh at home. Three points for the “wolves” will automatically mean that Atletico will finish third and will not play in the elimination direction. To move on, “mats” need a victory for Stamford Bridge and a wrong step for Roma. Karabakh will surely be the last in the band.

Barcelona already guaranteed its first place in group “D”, and favorite for the second is Juventus. The Italian Grand Prix hosts to Olympiakos and can do everything by winning. Equality will give Sporting (Lisbon) a chance to displace the “bikonkers” with the possible success of Camp Nou. Olympiakos has no chance even for the third place.


Iceland’s breeder jokes for new meeting with Croatia

Iceland’s coach Heimir Halgrimsson took a smile for the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

The Scandinavians came to Argentina, Nigeria and Croatia. Interestingly, Iceland and Croatia were also in a Qualifying Group and before that they played a playoff to reach the 2014 World Cup.

“We are obviously a couple, but we have to divorce after World Cup. I’m sure our fans will become one of the world’s stars and will definitely like them in Russia. I hope to continue making people happy. We deserve to be here and we will try to get out of the group, “the coach said.


Zidane: We do not want to risk with Bale

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane confirmed Gareth Bale’s absence for tomorrow’s Athletic Bilbao match at San Mamas. “Bale has a problem with his calf. It is not an injury, just pain. But we do not want to risk. The problem is that Gareth is very strong and powerful and must be completely healthy to play. I think positive and hope to be available soon. (…) When healthy, it is phenomenal, “Zuzu said at today’s press conference.

“I do not think Gareth’s problem is in the head. These are just pains, but we have to be patient. (…) I can not say the exact date for his return. I expect the next week to train with the team, “the French specialist said. Captain Sergio Ramos is back when he misses the Malaga host and King’s Cup match: “It’s in line, it’s in the team’s dynamics.”

Asked about the allegedly new goalkeeper of Lose Blankos Kepa Arisabalga, who keeps the Athletic, Zidane replied diplomatically: “I’m talking about my goalie, not for those in the future. There are many good people who have a chance to come to us, but that’s not my problem now. Kepa is a good goalkeeper, but he is not my goalkeeper. ”

Real visits the Cathedral tomorrow at 21.45.


Barcelona – Celta 1:1

Barcelona and Celta are playing 1-1 in the first half in a match in the 14th round of La Liga. Jagos Aspas scored for the guests in the 20th minute but only two later Lionel Messi leveled. In the 25th minute the judges did not take Luis Suarez’s goal out of a very controversial ambush position. The 31st Messi hit the beam.

The main figures in the home team led by Lionel Messi are back in the starting lineup. Six of them got a break in the past match against Murcia for the Cup of Spain and should now be in perfect condition. Ernesto Valverde reiterated Leo and Luis Suarez’s confidence in an attack, and Paulinho found a midfield position in the diamond. Sergi Roberto acts as a right back. The Catalans are leaders after 13 games, with no loss.

Celta presents itself at tides and is ninth in the table. The team from Galicia, however, is coming to Camp Nou with its dangerous assailants, Maximiliano Gomez, Pioneer Sisto and Jagos Aspas. John Guidetti is among the reserves.




The match started with a yellow card for Luis Suarez before the first minute. The Uruguayan dropped Sergi Gomez to the ground, wounding his shoulder. This also led to a replacement of the defender.

The guests staked a solid presence in front of their goalkeeper and calmly accepted the los coules attacks. In the early minutes, there were no dangers.

In the 20th minute, Celta’s players made a counter-attack with Aspas first out of ambush, and then sent the ball to the net after Mark-Andre Stegen had previously secured a goal after Max Gomez’s shot.

But the leader’s answer to the rankings was lightning. Two minutes later, Messi equalized with a shot between Ruben Blanco’s legs.

In the 25th minute there was a lot of discussion, in which Suarez was brought out on his own and supervised, but the side judge lifted the ambush flag. The repetitions saw that there was not one.

Barca’s pressure was already strong and in the 31st minute Messi shot in the beam.

In the 36th Paulinho was in the lead after a shot from a few meters, but the goalkeeper saved.


Everton officially announced Sam Allardyce

Everton officially announced Sam Allardyce as club manager with a contract for 18 months, it became clear after a statement on the caramel site. The former England manager agreed to save Crystal Palace from relegation last year but left before the start of the season.

“Everton can confirm the appointment of Sam Allarddys as a new club manager by June 2019,” Everton said.

63-year-old Aradieis out of Wayne Rooney’s hat-trick for the team’s 4: 0 victory over West Ham last night and beats Jerseys on 13th in the standings, just five points out of the danger zone. In a private conversation, people in the club admitted that they were their first choice after firing Ronald Cumman. Expectations before the season were quite another with 200 million spent on new players, and Everton is also out on top of the Europa League tournament.

Ironically, Aradie’s right hand and assistant will be Sammy Lee, a legend of Liverpool’s rival city since the early 1980s. The club has been nine times champion of England, but since 1995 has not won any trophy. But now, Allardyce has to resolve the problems with the team’s defense, which has made 28 hits since the start of the season. And while he will have to look for a player in the attack, he will probably have to split up with some of the midfielders because there are quite a lot of people in there.

“We have nothing to lie about, the team is having a hard time at the moment and we need changes on many levels, and I hope that Sam Allardy is the right person to make those changes,” said Fahrdah Mohsari, the club’s main shareholder.

Allegrites risks with Iguaine from the first minute of “San Paolo”

Gonzalo Iguaine is likely to play for Juventus in the 15th round of the A Series against Napoli this evening at 21:45. The Argentine broke a finger on his hand and was operated two days ago. Initially, it was not known whether he would be in the San Paolo group, and the bravest predictions were that Pitta would sit on the bench. Juve, however, will certainly be without Mario Manjukic, who has a muscular trauma and is not with the Napoli team. This limits the options to senior coach Massimiliano Allegri. He has to decide whether to bet Paulo Diballa as a “fake ninety” or to risk the inclusion of Iguaine. If Allegre chooses 3-4-3, Dibala will act in front of Douglas Kosta and Juan Quadrado. If he does, however, decide to put the Iguaine in the first minute against his former club, Alegriy will put his hand in a 3-4-2-1 draw, with both Doublas and Douglas Kosta playing on both flanks, while Quadrado will remain the reserve. Sky Sport Italia argues that this is exactly how they look in the attack on the bianconers tonight. The good news for Allegri is the return after injuries to Federico Bernardeski, Giorgio Chiellini and Quadrado. Napoli with injuries are Fausy Gulam and Arkadyus Milik.

Last night, Juventus arrived in Naples and the arrival of the bus in front of the hotel was accompanied by violent booing of Napoli fans.


Swansea pays crazy money for Renato Sanchez and can not get rid of him

Renato Sanchez’s career has gone down after his transfer from Benfica to Bayern Munich and although he is currently renting in Swansea, the Portuguese continues to perform very poorly. Some of his plays can hardly be explained, and the final example is the match against Chelsea on Wednesday when the midfielder handed over to the advert instead of his teammate.

Sky Sports has published information on how much it is worthwhile for Swansea to have with the European champion in 2016. It turns out that the swans have paid Bayern £ 7m for Sanchez’s rent, and they also cover most of his salary, which is £ 50,000 a week.

After a series of disappointing appearances by the 20-year-old midfielder, it was speculated that Swansea could return it to the Bavarians back in January, but that could not be the case. The contract between the two clubs has a special clause that Renato will spend the whole season in England. Moreover, Suozzi does not have the option to redeem the Portuguese in the summer.

Although he was replaced in the two consecutive matches (against Bournemouth and Chelsea), Sanchez still enjoys the support of the Swan Manager Paul Clemant. Former assistant to Carlo Ancelotti in Bayern said: “He will overcome the difficult period. I believe he will soon show his real possibilities. ”


Neymar: The soccer world still respects Brazil, we are ready for the title

On the eve of the 2018 World Cup prize, Brazilian star Neymar gave a curious interview to FIFA’s official website. In it, Paris Saint-Germain striker revealed his expectations for the presentation of the “seleaso” at the world finals in Russia and highlighted the role of Tite coach for the progress of the team’s performance.

– Is there a team that Brazil wants to avoid the draw?
– No. We are ready to meet every opponent. This is a world championship and here are the best teams. You can not point one and say it’s easier than another. I’m impatient for the draw, but I do not think he’s so important. This is one of the cases when you put the popcorn in the microwave oven and the whole family gathers in front of the TV (laughs).

– How good is luck to play a role for who will become a world champion?
“I do not think sporting happiness can bring the title to a team. Champion will be the one who has prepared the most hard and can show his real abilities against each rival, both in the group stage and in the eliminations.

– Brazil seems to have regained respect for the football world it lost after the 2014 World Cup. Do you agree?
– Yes, it is. Now we are more respected than we did 3-4 years ago. People look at us differently. At last Brazil is the team to which everyone is admired. We enjoy football and fans in Brazil believe us. We have every reason to be optimistic before the World Cup.

– How important would it be for your career to present you at the 2018 World Cup?
– I have mixed feelings after the 2014 World Cup, where we hosted. It did not end for me as I had hoped. I dreamed about the title, but it did not work. I suffered and cried a lot. It was a terrible week. I kept wondering why all this happened. Then I realized that everything that happens in your life makes you stronger, even if you do not realize it right now. You learn how to be stronger and more prepared next time. I think we will achieve success in Russia. I will give all my strength to win the title.

“You’re pushing a lot of goals, but you do a lot of assists. Which brings you more pleasure?
“Both, and the other, but only when things are going well for my team – be it Pari Saint-Germain or Brazil. I always aim to score goals, but if I can give my teammate, that’s what makes me happy too. The feeling is almost the same. – Are players born or become involved in training?
– You have to learn from early childhood. You should not just think of yourself because football is a collective game. I’m from the players who like to take responsibility and end the attacks themselves, this is one of my strongest sides. But I also like to give and create things for others.

– Complete the sentence: In 2018 Neymar will …
– (laughs) In 2018, Neamr will be very happy at the World Cup.


Salah took a break, but then Stoke broke out

Liverpool achieved a classic 3-0 victory over Stoke City on the inhospitable “Bet365 Stadium”, and seven consecutive matches are no loss. Again, all in the selection of Juergen Klop was Mohamed Salah, who was left on the bench for the start, but appeared in the 67th minute and realized two goals (77 ‘, 83’). Previously, Sadio Mane, who assisted for the Egyptian’s first goal, opened the score (17 ‘).

Peter Crouch, who has just signed a new contract with the potters, started for the first time as champion in this season. Bruno Martins Indy also started for the hosts. Liverpool’s great news was that Jurgen Klop bet on Dominic Solanke, who was the Premier League champion for the first time with the Merseyside team. Mohamed Salah and Philippe Coutinho were left on the bench for the beginning. Sadio Manne and Roberto Firmino returned, and Dejan Lovren, Emre Zhang, and Georgin Vainillund were also holders. The duel began with a slight advantage to the guests who led in the 17th minute. Joe Gomez centered on the right, from the outfit itself, the hosts claiming the ball has left the field. Such a signal, however, did not follow, and the defender centered on Solanke, who found Mane well. The Senegalese transferred Lee Grant, who touched the ball, but she entered his door – 0: 1. Oklahda-Chamberlain and Solanke missed two more worse opportunities for Merseyside. In the 40th minute, Simon Mignole, who wore the captain’s belt, was close to defeating once again his team after he stepped out of his penalty box and stumbled on Diouf himself. The Liverpool winger could well get a red card in this situation, but he only missed a yellow. The hosts did not get any benefit from direct free kick.

A minute before the break, Sadio Mane failed to double. The Senegalese looked up with Grant, but his shot met the left beam.

At the beginning of the second half, Joe Allan shoots from a clean position to the side of the door, wiping a great opportunity to equalize. In the 53rd minute Oksleyd-Chamblain did a very good break on the left flank, but Fyrrino could not detect his passing.

At the 67th minute Mohammed Salah appeared on the stage, who decided everything in favor of Liverpool. The Egyptian made 0: 2 in the 77th minute when he detected a very good centering of Mane from the air. Six minutes later, the Premier League scorer leader formed the classics after taking advantage of Stoke’s defensive defeat and went out on his own against Grant. The goalkeeper went forward, but Salah fired under his plinth. It was his 17th goal since the start of the season.

Liverpool climbed to fifth position with a total of 26 points. Stoke is 16th with 13 points.


Man City’s winning streak continued with infallible success

Manchester City took another step to the Premier League title, scoring the 12th consecutive win on his account. The Rangers won 2-1 against Southampton in the clash between the two teams in the 14th round. The success of the hosts of Etihad came only in the 6th minute of the added time, and the great hero was Rahim Stirling, who was the author of the winning shot. Prior to this, City led Kevin de Bourget in 47 minutes, but Oriol Romeu equalized in the 75th minute. The hosts made a bunch of flaws in the game, goalkeeper Fraser Forster was marked by several brilliant saves, but in the end he was helpless in the winning shot of Stirling.

Josép Guardiola, in this match of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jezeus and Rahim Stirling in the top position. In the middle of the pitch, Ilkay Gundogan, Kevin de Bourget and Fernandinho acted.

The guests went out with Nathan Redmond and Shane Long in attack. The trio in the middle of the pitch was built by Mario Lemina, Oriol Romeu and Pierre-Emil Hoyberg.

The first straight shot in the match was Fabian Delf in the third minute, but he did not make a stunning Fraser Forster.

In the 13th minute Fernandinho did not score a long shot, which was dangerously close to the beam but still out.

Two minutes later, Foster was under fire but showed a great reflex. First he replied a heavy blow to Rahim Stirling, and then Gobriel Jesse attempted an add-on, but again the guard was brilliant and kept his door.

In the 20th minute came the next position before the door of the “The Light”, again Forster was the last barrier to the goal after a great shot of Fernandinho. In the ensuing corner, the ball was centered on Nicholas Otamendi, who headed for a great pass and sent the ball over the crossbar.

In the 24th minute and shot of Sergio Aguero was saved by Forster, and in the attempt to add Ilkay Gundogan sent the ball into the net, but on the outside.

In the 33rd minute Southampton created its first goal opportunity. Mario Lemina flipped Vincent Compani into the penalty box and fired at the nearby corner, but Ederson was careful and rescued. In the subsequent corner, the ball was dropped by Virginie van Dyke to Maya Yoshida, who detected it from the traffic but over the crossbar.


In the 47th minute, Southampton’s fortress cracked. Kevin de Bourgeone pointedly fired a low shot from one defender the keeper, and the ball went just a little wide. Initially, there was doubt about Virgil van Dyke’s own goal, but the attack was subsequently recorded in the name of the Belgian. Only a minute later the result could be doubled, but a shot of Jezeus crossed dangerously past the door.

In the 54th minute Ilkay Gundogan attempted a long shot, which was not far from the target. In the next few minutes, Forster was again the hero of the guests with two magnificent rescues after striking Jezeus closely and De Bourne from the border of the penalty area.

And again, Forster scored another rescue in the 68th minute. Fernandinho made a powerful blow from the pennant’s edge, and the guards once again brilliantly intervened.

In the 71st minute Van Dyke rose after cornering from a corner and shot his head but over the door. In the 75th minute, however, the visitors managed to get back into the match. Cornering from the corner found Sophie Bufal uncovered in the penalty area, he fanned Fabian Delft and returned to Oriol Romeu, who without delay sent the ball into the net.

In the added time of the game, Manchester City came to second goal through Rahim Stirling, but it was not met because of Fernandinho’s defeat against Forster. But then Stirling became a hero for his team. He received the ball in front of the penalty area, adjusted his ball and with a fearful blow in the far corner of the door scored the winning goal for the final 2: 1.

So Manchester City collected 40 points and returned the lead of 8 ahead of Manchester United. Southampton remains 11th with 16 points in its assets.


Barca destroyed with a total score of 8:0

The three-time winner of the King of Barcelona Cup easily overcame his first obstacle in the tournament. On their 118th birthday, the Catalans removed the third-division Murcia in the Phase 1/16-final with a total score of 8: 0. This evening, Ernesto Valverde’s boys won the 5: 0 championship at Camp Nou after five different top scorers: Paco Alcasser (16), Gerard Picket (56), Aleis Vidal (60), Dennis Suarez (73) and Arnais (79) .

Barcelona – Murcia + 11Enesto Valverde put up a stock with a lot of reserves showing the name of the key figure Gerard Pique. Alejand Vidal, Paco Alcasser and Gerard Deulofeuf led the “blue-red” attack.

The meeting started with expected domestic pressure. “Los Cules” was knocking in front of Alejandro Santo’s penal field and tightening the ring. In the seventh minute “los blaugranas” developed a great action on the left, ending with a blocked strike of Dennis Suarez from the 15th meter.

The 16th Catalans found the result. Deulofeu and Vidal played in the penalty area, defender defeated, but on Alcaner’s head, who scored with ease. In the 19th Barcelona team failed to double their lead. Deulofeu did not hit the ball well when the door in front of him was empty. After the fall of the pace, the ball moved to the half of the Mussian team, but without any sharpness.

Barcelona – Murcia + 11
In the second half Barca continued to crush his rival. In the 56th Pique doubles with a foot following the arrival of Alade Vidal. Number 3 was an attacker, with his back to the door and played with Vidal for 2: 0. In the 60th, Vidal himself stretched the net. A footballer who played as a right wing today scored a nine-meter head after Nelson Semedo’s centering. In the 68th Vidal centers in front of the small penal field to Arnais, whose strike was blocked.

Barcelona – Murcia 5: 0 + 11
The Golan’s recitation of the Catalonians continued. In the 73rd after the break, Sergei Roberto brought brilliantly Dennis Suarez, who technically sent the ball to the diagonal. In the 79th and youngster Arnais scored after a dagger shot to the left corner of the goal keeper – 5: 0. In the 82nd Deullofeu took his ball too long otherwise it would almost certainly be a new goal.

The draw for the 1/8-finals is on Tuesdays and everyone can fall against everyone.


Arsenal is losing Manchester United to the Manchester derby derby

Arsenal striker Alexander Lacasett will miss the derby with Manchester United at the weekend. The Frenchman suffered an injury in the groin during last night’s play with Huddersfield (5: 0). He opened the score in the match, but was then forced to replace the break.

“He may be away for some time,” said Arsene Wenger, the manager after the match.

It is still unclear how serious the injury is, but at this point it seems that Lakazet will miss at least the clash with Manchester United. Most likely, his place in an attack on the Red Devils will be taken by Olive Girush. Another option for Arsene Wenger is to bet Danny Welbeck.


A third-division team won a draw at “Bernabeu”

Spain, Europe and the World Real Madrid continues to play unconvincingly, failing to win home tonight against Fuenlabrada’s third-side team in a match rematch from the 1/16-Cup final of the 2-2 finals. The “Whites” came to the next stage thanks to their 2: 0 success as a guest a month ago. Tonight, Real Madrid was half-empty on the bench, Real Madrid, with a 0-1 draw on the break, then with two goals on Borha Mayoral (63 and 70). At the end, the guests came to a prestigious and deserved equality.

Real Madrid – Fuenlabrada + 4Keyor Navas returned to the Los Merengues door after recovering from injury. Zinedine Zidane bet on a number of reserve footballers and boys from the school. Borja Mayoral led the attack, helped by Francus and Oscar. Nacho Fernandez and Tehero were in the center of the defense.

The guests from the Madrid suburb started very hurriedly and horribly. In the fifth minute, the third-division team had an excellent first-goal chance. Ugo Fryle received the ball on land five meters from the goal, but shot inaccurately without being disturbed. In the eighth, Kayor Navas reflected Matthew’s fuss.

Real Madrid – Fuenlabrada + 4
Visible white players played more relaxed, difficulty organizing their game and often crackling in defense. That was the 25th minute when the Costa Rican guard had to take the ball out of his net. Miyaha shot 22 meters away, Navas had no good visibility but could definitely intervene better. The goalie knocked the ball into the crossbar, and then she landed in the net – 0: 1.

Almost immediately after the goal there were controversial positions in the two penalty fields. First, they had doubts that Theo Hernandez did not commit a violation. Franco then shoots dangerously, and the ball meets Juan’s hand – the judge thought it was a corner. At the end of the half-time los blancos hit in search of a shot. Marcos Yorente shoots in the goal range, and in the 44th Danny Sebajios fired a little over the bar.

The second part started with a more ambitious game for the hosts. Real went ahead in search of a goal, but it was hard to hit. The guests did not give up and also attacked at every opportunity. In 57th Ismail was dropped to the first beam and pointed to the nearby beam – Keelor ​​Navas responded adequately and slaughtered. In the 60th centimeter, Fuenlabrada was second. Kata Diaas shot his head and found the cross beam.

In the 62nd Gareth Bale appeared in the game and made the difference with his first touch. The Welsh centered in a brilliant way with an outer rebate to the far beam, where the uncovered Borha Mayoral pointed. The ball hit the top beam, thumped in front of the goal, then knit in the net – 1: 1.

Seven minutes later the European king made a complete turn. Again at the base of the goal was Bale. Welsh was behind the defense, but in the pass, but in practice the hand came after a ricochet by a defender of the “blue”. The Welsh took a fifth, the goalkeeper saved, but with the addition, Majoror held his chest and shot right in the lower right corner – 2: 1. In the 89th, the guests reached leveling. Portia was dropped ten yards ahead of the door. His first stroke was saved, and the second ball fell into the net for 2: 2.

Manchester United played the fire but won the Watford Show

Manchester United beat 4: 2 Watford in his visit to Victory Road from the mid-14th round in the Premier League. The Red Devils led 3: 0 in the first half with Ashley Young’s goals in the 19th and 25th and Antoni Marciail in the 32nd minute, and then missed a few good times to finish the opponent. At the end of the second part, however, the guests dropped the throttle and gave the opponent the chance to return two hits by Troy Deini from the 78th penalty and Abdulai Doukure in the 84th minute. However, a big drama did not happen and Jessie Linggard stamped the success of his fourth-goal team in the 86th minute.

The hosts started the match with Andre Gray at the top of the attack, and behind him were Richard and Will Hughes.

Romeo Lukaku led the attack for the guests, and in this fight he was supported by Jesse Linggard and Antoni Marciail. This is Match 200 in the Premier League for the Belgian.
Manchester United has opened the score with his first straight shot in the match. This happened in the 19th minute when Ashley Young came in front of the penalty area, with one touch freeing his space and with a lightning strike on the ground did not leave the chances of a reaction to the goal keeper.

Only six minutes later the score was doubled, and again Ashley Young was in the arms of his teammates. The winger brilliantly fired a direct free kick of about 25 meters and knit the ball into the 0: 2 door assembly.

The situation became even more unpleasant to the hosts in the 32nd minute. United players took advantage of a mistake in the middle of the pitch, Lucacou elegantly with one touch brought Antoni Marciail, who advanced and coolly ticked for 0: 3.


At the very end of the half-time, the score could have swelled with another goal in favor of the guests. Lukaku jumped to a shooting position, but his shot was saved by Aurelio Gomez, and then Ligard tried to get the ball weighed, but again the Brazilian guard stepped brilliantly and kept his door.

Only in the added time of the first part Watford reached his first goal opportunity in the match. Richardallison received a great centering in the penalty and shot his head but for his malice the ball encountered the crossbar.


The second half started with an attempt of pressure from the hosts. In the 60th minute Doukure decided to shoot from a distance but the ball went high above the goal. Three minutes later Richardalsson received a centering in the penalty area but with his head shot over the crossbar.

The Red Devils replied with a chance to Jesse Linggard in the 66th minute, whose shot went off the door.

In the 70th minute Adrian María tried to distract David de Hea with a long distance shot that went too far from the door.

In the 74th minute, the events moved back to the other door, where Paul Pogba headed close and miraculously did not find the outline of the door. Minutes later, Romulo Lukaku scored a new serious pass after his eyes were in the eyes of the goal keeper, but he lost himself, and the defenders of the Stirchells prevented him from striking a good shot.

In the 76th minute the Belgian was again at the center of the events. He made his way through speeds and made a harsh blow that went past the beam.

Immediately afterwards, however, Watford made a good attack, Roberto Pereira fired Marcos Roho, who fouled him for a penalty. Troy Deney executed the penalty kick and reduced the lag behind his team.

The hosts managed to score a second goal in the 84th minute. Andrea Carrioy put a sharp pass in the penalty area and Abdullaye Douquire with a touch of a goal set the ball in the net for 2: 3.

However, the joy of the “Scarecrows” turned out to be too short. In the 86th minute, Jesse Linggard with a terrific single-handed action jumped half of the pitch before making a great shot to send the ball for the fourth time in Gomez’s door – 2: 4.

With this victory United gathered an asset of 32 points, remaining in 2nd place, but it is only behind 5 of the Manchester City leader. Watford is on the 8th position in the table with 21 points earned so far.


Mourinho revealed what Lukaku’s problem is

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho gave a funny explanation for the unsatisfactory form of the team’s top scorer Rommel Lukaku. The Belgian began his strike at Old Trafford, scoring 11 goals in his first 10 games, but he has lost his realization in recent times and has only one shot in his last 11 games. Yesterday, Lukaku missed several good opportunities against Watford – a duel that the Red Devils won with 4: 2. After the meeting, several fans of the team called for the Belgian to be left on the bench for the upcoming derby with Arsenal. Mourinho tried to ease the tension with the explanation that Lucaquu had no contract with a big soccer shoe company.

“I think he needs a big deal with a big shoe maker, because he does not have a sponsor at the moment, so he plays with black buttons, and he needs a brand that will give him the right shoes and pay the exact amount to get returning to the goal, his previous contract expired, and now he is waiting for a new one If we put aside the joke he does an incredible job for the team I would never blame a player like him for the missed chances He knows that for me he is not under pressure, because he’s a great professional and a colleague I can not be anymore volunteered by him, “Mourinho said.


Tottenham went down, lost in Leicester

Tottenham lost 1: 2 to Leicester. Spurs did not play a weak match, dominating the second half, but they were defeated. So they have won only one point in their last three games. After last week’s Pochetino team struggled for the title, it now lags 13 points by Manchester City, who is less than a match, and is currently fifth.

Leicester started excellently, and at the beginning, Nuddy was a distant striker, but he did not hinder Loris. The Spurs were also looking naked, but the situations in front of their doors were more dangerous. In the 13th minute, Albrightton took out Vardi, and he with a magnificent shot swept the guest’s goal and opened the score. PoCetino’s team could quickly equalize after breaking through Musa Siso’s center. His shot was deflected, but Ebora had to play the ball in front of the goal.

The guests came to another excellent opportunity after half an hour of play. The Londoners set up a great counterattack in which Eriksen pulled Ali, but his shot was weak and Shamehall saved. At the very end of the half-way, Leicester reached a second goal. Mares made 2: 0 after a magnificent shot that did not leave Loris chances.

After the break Tottenham played much more aggressively and definitely had an advantage. 12 minutes before the end Harry Kain scored another goal after Eric Lamela assisted as a reserve and played his first game for over a year. By the end, the guests pushed and were close to leveling, with Fernando Jorante’s best position missed.


Mourinho: Watford is an extraordinary team

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has named the upcoming rival of the Red Devils Watford as an “unusual” team. Last season, the “hurricanes” beat United with 3: 1 on Victory Road, and now the team of Marko Silva is even stronger, according to the Special.

“Last year against Watford we were very disappointed with their first goal, then a boy sent Anthony Marciall to the hospital and the referee let him continue to play, and for that reason I was very upset about this match, but I think Watford progressed from last season, they have an extraordinary team-mate from the middle of the table, they have very good players and a good coach, “Mourinho said.


Schalke gilded Goretzka

Schalke 04’s leadership has made frantic efforts to keep national team Leon Goretzka. “Bild” has revealed that the bosses of the “king-cousins” have made a very generous offer to the midfielder. If he agrees to renew his contract, he will receive 12 million euros per season.

Goretzka’s current contract expires in the summer, and Schalke worries that they can drop him without money. In Germany, a strong interest in the 22-year-old midfielder is played by Bayern Munich. Barcelona also tracks the situation around the talented footballer.

In case he accepts Schalke’s offer, Goretzka will become the most expensive player in the history of the King’s Songs. The agreement will also have a sum of money against which he can go to another club.


De Shilio: I did not know how to celebrate after the goal

Juventus defender Matia De Shilio was one of the top scorers for his team’s 3-0 win against Cortine last night. The defender was scored in the 60th minute, shortly after he appeared in the game. That was the first goal in his entire career so far and he admitted he did not know how to celebrate the hit.

“To score this goal was an amazing feeling. At that moment I did not even know how to celebrate it. All my teammates rushed to hug me. It was a very emotional moment, and when I saw that Buffon had come to hug me, it made me even happier. Really incredible evening. Besides, they told me that I had to get the whole team with dinner now, “De Shilio joked.


PSG has shown who is the ruler of France at the moment

Pari Saint-Germain’s team beat 2: 1 Monaco in the big 14th round of League One. Two of the big contenders stood against Louis II, but Parisians showed that this season they were the lord of France. The visitors won with Essonne Cavani in the 19th and Neimar in the 52nd minute of the penalty shootout. However, they dominated the whole game and made a bunch of gaps in front of Daniel Subasic’s door, and once the beam helped the Monegas. The hosts managed to return the intrigue at the end of the match, returning a goal through Joao Moutinho in the 81st minute but the justice triumphs and the turnaround did not happen.

The hosts started the match with Balde Keita and Radamel Falcao in attack, and Joao Moutinho was supported by a backward position.

The PSG hinged Atomon Cavani, Neimar, and Kilian Mabé on the atomic attack. In the middle of the pitch, Julian Draxler, Adrien Rabio and Marco Verratti acted.
Right from the start of the match, guests missed a great opportunity to discover the outcome. Neimar, with a magnificent pass, pulled Mabape to speed, the young man even eliminated goalkeeper Daniel Subashic, but then his shot did not find the outline of the door.

Monaco responded with a chance to Balde Keita in the 6th minute, who received in front of the penalty area and without delay made a blow that flicked over the door.

In the 8th minute, the events were again brought to the front of the hosts. Mabape is centering on the ground to the right, Cavani is out of the ball, and Julian Draxler did not manage to direct her into the empty door.

In the 19th minute, Parisians came to the opening of the score. Julian Draxler was taken to the penalty area and managed to hand over to Essonne Cavani, who sent the ball below the crossbar for 0: 1.

After a certain lull in the 42nd minute, the guests organized a dangerous counterattack, and Draxler shot a shot that was saved by Subashic.

The second part started with a new wonderful opportunity for the guests. In the 47th minute, they set up a quick attack, Mabape handed over to Cavani in the penalty area, and returned to the invading Neamar, whose shot flipped off the beam. A minute later, Mabape jumped himself against the goalie and attempted to pass it, Subashic managed to touch the ball, and eventually defender defeated the goal.

In the 50th minute, Neimar broke off and was thrown back in the penalty area by Almai Toure, and the judge pointed to the white point. The Brazilian himself executed the penalty and doubled the lead of his team.

In the 68th minute, Adrien Rabio decided to make a long throw in the distance. A minute later, Mabape advanced at speed and fired powerfully, but also without success.

In the 70th minute came one of the few situations for the hosts. Falcoo shoots about 25 meters but extremely imprecise.

In the 73rd minute, Mabé once again made an unforgivable pass. He glanced at Subasic, but somehow he again sent the ball past the door. Two minutes later, Cavani missed a great deal. He found himself unmarked in front of the goalie but his shot flew to the corner.

And instead of reaching a third goal for the guests, the 81st minute was the opposite. Monaco wins a foul on the pennant’s limit. The penalty kick was made by Mutinyo and after a ricochet in the wall, the ball was in the PSG door for 1: 2.

In the 85th minute, Radamel Falcoo shot Alfonso Areolla’s door, but the goalkeeper had a good position and caught. The Parisians responded with a powerful joke to Angel di Maria from a foul saved by Subasic.

In the end, however, PSG congratulated itself on the success and now has 9 points ahead of the pursuers Lyon and Monaco. Sofia residents have a total of 38 points, while the other two teams occupy the second and third positions in the 29-point table.


Very difficult, but still – 11th consecutive win for Man City in the Premier League

Manchester City equaled his club record for consecutive Premier League victories after he scored 11th today after a 2-1 draw against Huddersfield. The Premier League winner, who defeated Manchester United earlier this season, led surprisingly after Nicholas Otamendi’s own goal at the very end of the first part. With Sergio Aguero (47 ‘) and Rahim Stirling (84’), “the citizens” managed to score the 11th consecutive success as a guest in all tournaments.

Christopher Schindler returned to the hosts after a penalty. Jonathan Hogg and Tommy Smith were also holders of the Terriers.
Josép Guardiola made two changes in his composition. Nicholas Otamendi replaced John Stones, while Sergio Aguero was preferred to Gabriel Jezeus at the top of the “Citizens” attack.
The first half hour of this game offered almost nothing interesting except that in the 13th minute Sergio Aguero’s goal was canceled offright ambush. In the last 1/4 hour of the first half, however, it became quite interesting. Citizens have missed several very good situations. In the 35th Silva brought Aguero well, but at the last moment Schindler intervened excellently, threw a sword and prevented the Argentine. Shortly thereafter, Otamendi poisoned a terrible shot of about 22 meters, after which the ball buzzed over the beam. In the 39th minute, Aguero pushed to the left and shot, but Lossel slaughtered. Sterling attempted an add-on, but he shot quite inaccurately from a dozen meters. Fernandino also missed a good opportunity, and his shot crossed the bar. Thus came the final seconds, in which first Company had barely scored an own goal in trying to clear Ins. In the subsequent corner, Schindler deflected the nearby beam and the ball rattled in Otamendi’s shoulder, who scored an own goal, giving Huddersfield a sensational advance. The “Terriers” managed to lead without a single hit. Immediately after the resumption of the game, Manchester City equalized the score. Rahim Stirling had two claims for a penalty within seconds. First English national fell after a collision with the guard of hosts Loessel. A signal did not follow. Shortly afterwards, Sterling received a great pass from Silva and was thrown into the penalty area by Malone. Craig Powson pointed to the white dot this time. Sergio Aguero fired coolly for 1: 1. Five minutes later, Aguero had a chance to make a full turn after receiving De Deorene and knocking the ball to the goal but Leesle managed to knock on the corner.

In the 58th minute Sane performed a perfect free kick after which the ball met the crossbar.

Ten minutes before the end, Guardiola switched Gabriel Jezeus to the game, and it soon came to an end. In the 84th minute the Brazilian got De Deuxe and shot, and Lossel knocked out, but the ball ricocheted in Stirling’s knee and went into the door. In the 88th minute Aaron Mowy performed a very good free kick after which the ball stopped outside the net.

After the final referee, Van La Parra received a red card because he put his hands on Sane’s face. The German was decorated in yellow because of the same incident.

Manchester City already has 37 points. Huddersfield is the 11th with an asset of 15 points.


Scandalous judging error helped Valencia vs Barca

The Derby between Valencia and Barcelona at the 13th round of the Spanish Championship Mestya stadium finished without a winner – 1: 1. Rodrigo Moreno in the 60th minute gave the bats the lead, but in the 82nd Barcelona guests equalized with the fall of Valencia’s former left back Jordi Alba. The match could also have developed in a different way if the judges had a regular win on Lionel Messi in the first half. In the 30th minute Valencia’s goalkeeper Neto made a gross mistake and allowed the ball to cross the goal after a shot outside Messi’s penal field, but Judge Ignacio Iglesias Vilanueva did not respect the Catalonians’ protests and signaled the game to continue.

Thus the difference of 4 points between the leader in Barcelona and the second Valencia remained, with both teams still defeated from the start of the season. Barca’s advance to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, however, was cut from 10 to 8 points.


Valencia’s coach Marcelino Garcia Torral was punished for the match today and did not lead the team from the bench. Belgian defender Thomas Vermalen has begun to replace the penalized Gerard Pique in the center of los cules.


Paulinho and Ivan Rakitic tried their luck with distant shots in the opening minutes, but in both cases Netto intervened steadily.

Brazil’s batsman, however, made a terrible mistake in the 30th minute when it came to the most curious and scandalous moment in the derby. After a strike from the bow of Lionel’s penal field, Mesi Neto in a very ridiculous manner dropped the ball and it passed between his legs. The more important thing, however, was that it went through its full volume, and television repetitions showed it clearly. The guests protested, but the referees, just like the goalkeeper of Valencia, made a gross mistake and did not get the shot.


Seconds after, the hosts organized a dangerous counterattack in which the Italian striker Simone Dzendza, who returned after injury, shot dangerous on the ground, but the ball went inches away from the target.

Shortly afterwards, Neto intervened far more convincingly after a missile of Messi’s foul, and Barcelona’s players were definitely the more active team in the first half.

In the 42nd minute Netto saved a shot from Luis Suarez, and immediately the defender blocked Messi’s shot attempt.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38


At the start of the second half, the hosts claimed a penalty kick for a violation of Samuel Yumtiti against Joffrey Kondogbia in the penal field of the Catalonians. Shortly thereafter, Dzhezza threatened Marc-Andre Stegen’s door with a foul on the ground, but the ball went aside from the door of the German watchman. Ernesto Valverde’s players replied with an improper lead with Vermalen’s head in the 52nd minute.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38


The hosts played much better after the break and in the 60th minute they went ahead in the score. Gonzalo Guesesch got the ball to the left, dropped it slightly to Jose Gaia, and the final defender with a precision pass found Rodrigo Moreno in front of Ter Stegen’s door and the well-placed striker did not make a mistake – 1: 0.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38


Shortly thereafter, the “bats” again attacked dangerously on the left, this time Guedez fell into Barca’s penal field and this ended the threat. In the 76th minute Netto saved a shot by Luis Suarez, and in the 81st Guesesh failed with a bad conduct of the ball a very dangerous counterattack of Valencia.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38


In the 82nd minute, former Valencia player Jordi Alba scored a great goal for 1: 1. The left back turned into the Catalonian attack and with a beautiful blow from the air after a brilliant feed of Messi stretched the net behind the helpless Net.


In the added time, Valencia was twice as close to a defeated goal but first reserve Andreas Pereira fired inappropriately after a good single action, and literally in the last few seconds, Dzza had the chance to strike Trier’s door with a blow from the air but his sight for successive This evening he cheated on him and the game ended without a winner.


The future of the football business is in the hands of a Belgian court

Belgium can start a new revolution in the football business, as it was 20 years ago, with the Bosman rule, which has changed the transfer market forever.

On January 18, 2018, the Brussels Court of Appeal is expected to adjudicate a small club in the Liège region and the Doyen Sports investment fund against three of FIFA and UEFA’s main rules of financial fair play, the ban on the possession of players’ rights third party (TPO) and the legitimacy of the Court of Arbitration in Lausanne.

The plaintiffs insist that the case be referred to the European Court of Justice because they believe that the rules of FIFA and UEFA violate the fundamental laws of the European Union: free competition, free movement of capital, freedom of investment, free movement of workers and services.

A similar case already took place in 2015 when a Brussels court of first instance satisfied a complaint by football agent Daniel Striani and redirected it to the European Court of Justice. He then attacked the rules of financial fair play as contradictory to the EU’s fundamental rules. The European Court, however, considered it unacceptable and “useless” the inquiry into the Belgian court’s decision and did not consider it, which was accepted as a victory for UEFA.

At the same time, the trial, which is expected to expire on January 18th, was also filed. The same lawyers working on the Bosman case and Striani’s case, Jean-Louis Dupont and Martin Hissel, work on it.

The claimants are FC Seren and the ubiquitous investment fund Doyen Sports, which had a solid clientele headed by Neimar, Falcao and a bunch of other players before the ban on third-party competition. They want the ban to be replaced by stricter regulation.

In their motives, they point out that FIFA does not currently have such strict regulations on the ownership of clubs that are often dominated by mobsters. They are exemplary and circumventing the ban, with investment funds most often buying a club that sign today with a football player and sells it the next day, retaining a percentage of its rights, which in practice makes TPO meaningless. This was the case with the Uruguayan club Deportivo Maldonado, owned by the management agency Stellar Group.

The Lausanne court is being attacked, because it is precisely where the disputes with FIFA and UEFA are resolved, and he does not apply European law, but at the same time he is economically and politically dependent on the two mighty international organizations.

The Brussels court decision is only the first step that can seriously shake the current state of affairs, namely the right of FIFA and UEFA to regulate all economic aspects of sport and to have an independent judiciary. The interest in doing so is enormous. Attacked rules definitely violate many business interests.


End of the drama! Messi re-signed under a huge clause

World Superstar Lionel Messi finally signed his new contract with Barcelona, ​​putting an end to any speculation about a possible departure this summer when the deal was over. The contract with the club is extended until 2021, with a ransom clause of EUR 700 million. His new salary is € 560,000 per week, and the re-signing bonus is € 80 million.

As early as July 5, the Catalan club announced an agreement with the Argentine, but the signing of the signatures was postponed for a long time. Messi himself was silent until the leadership said it was safe. However, because of the ambiguity, speculation has emerged that the assailant deliberately twists the hands of his boss, Joseph Barthomeu, because he disagrees with his management.

Yesterday, 30-year-old Leo was awarded the European Top Scorer’s “Golden Boot” for the previous season. He noticed that he did not give a word about the new treaty.

Messi has been in Barcelona since he was 13, and if he stays until the end of his contract in 2021, he will record more than 20 years at Camp Nou.

On his account with the Los Cules team, he has eight Prize Division titles and four Champions League titles. He is the only one in the world with five “Golden Balls”, but this is expected to be leveled by Cristiano Ronaldo soon.


Manchester United’s victorious Old Trafford series continued with the help of an own goal

Manchester United made the sixth consecutive victory at Old Trafford since the start of the Premier League season after winning 1-0 over Brighton. Lewis Dunk’s own goal in the 66th minute brought the three points of the “red devils” that came close to five points behind Manchester City’s leader who was tomorrow at Huddersfield. Host manager Jose Mourinho bet on the same team that beat Newcastle a week ago. This meant Paul Pogba was again a champion, and Marciail, Rashford and Lukaku began to attack. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Roche stayed on the bench.

Solis March starts for guests at the expense of Jose Ischirdo. The guests stayed pretty well on the Old Trafford field in the first 45 minutes, defending themselves steadily, but also boldly attacking the first 20 minutes. At the beginning, Noker scored well on the right, but instead of shooting, he decided to center and shove the ball out. Gross kicks right into De Hae’s hands of about 15 meters. In the second half of the United side put pressure, but the hosts did not seriously hamper Matthew Ryan. Lucaku made several head shots. In the 39th minute, centimeters did not reach Murray to detect a free-kicking goal and find the result. At the very end of the part, the “red devils” created the greatest danger. Lukaku knocked Rashford’s center-forward, firing close to his head, but Ryan slapped the goal. Pugba added, but the guest’s guard again intervened brilliantly and rescued.

The second half started in the same way – the guests played with self-confidence, and the creativity in the long-range attack of the “red devils” was completely absent. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who replaced Juan Matta, appeared in the 63rd minute.

In the 66th minute the hosts reached a goal with a great deal of luck. The Corner front door was initially cleared, but the ball reached Young, who shot from the border of the penalty area. There was a ricochet at Dunk’s foot, which significantly changed the ball trajectory and it entered the upper right corner. It was disputed when the corner kick, from which the naked situation occurred. The event was eventually recorded as Lewis Dunk’s own goal.
Very soon after the goal, Lucaqua could double, but his head shot over the crossbar.

The guests organized a few good attacks in search of an equalizer, but the final pass was missing.

In the 82nd minute, Smiling fired dangerously with his head, and three minutes later, Duffy headed a foul, but the ball went sideways. At the end, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku scored a good double, but the Swedes’ shot was not accurate.

It was the 38th match without losing to Manchester United at Old Trafford. The Red Devils have 29 points, while Brighton is 16.


Liel temporarily removed Bielsa

The Lille Team Lied Team Lille has temporarily removed coach Marcelo Bielsa without specifying a specific reason for that decision. In a Twitter message from Lilly, they say that the Argentine will not serve as a coach in connection with a procedure taken by the club.

Some time ago, it was known that Lille was looking for a way to release Bielsa, but he was pulling and seeking 14m euros in compensation for early termination of the contract.

Several versions of the decision of the Northland leadership also emerged. According to Argentine journalist Fabian Tabocado of Lille, they have decided to punish Bielsa for a trip to Chile. The reason for this was the coach’s wish to see her last friend and colleague, Luis Maria Bonnie, who was critically endorsed in a final-stage hospital.

Bielsa, who led Olympics Marseille in France, took Lille on February 19, and his contract was for two seasons.


Simeone explained who was the key to victory over Roma

Atletico (Madrid) senior coach Diego Simeone said the increased effectiveness in the final phase was key to winning 2-0 against Roma in the Champions League. The Spaniards achieved an important victory that left them with minimal chances to continue the Group C round-eight. That is why they have to win their last match as a guest of Chelsea, but they also have to rely on outsider Karabakh not to lose from Roma in the Italian capital.

“This game was important, and we played it actively, although frankly the game did not differ much from our first meeting in Rome, just this time we have increased our efficiency in the realization of our positions. so Antoine also made a terrific assault on Gamayor, with whom we doubled our advances, and I think we started to win the game before his start, when our fans began to chant the names of Grizzman and the remaining these guys. The players responded with their hearts, they gave everything until the end. Our victory was needed and we have achieved, “said Simeone.

“I am always optimistic, I know my players, they are proud boys and they will give it all while there is a chance.” We had to win today, now we need success against Chelsea and we will see what Roma will do. For example, we could win in Rome, as well as here against Karabakh, “he added.


Valverde explained why Messi had a reservation

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde explained the reasons for leaving Lionel Messi on the bench for the start of Juventus in the Champions League. Argentina’s mega-star appeared on the pitch after the break with zero draw in Turin, which ranked Barca for the next phase.

“Messi has been playing too many games since the beginning of the season and has a great responsibility on his shoulders, and we gave him a break, we knew the game would open in the second half and wanted to let him play fresh with the idea of ​​moving our game. was the exact match in which Messi would not play for 90 minutes, “Valverde said.

“I do not hide that equality satisfies me, any loss here would make the situation dangerous for us in the last match against Sporting,” added Valverde.


Liverpool draws for Draxler in the winter

Liverpool’s team is negotiating with French Pari Saint-Germain on the rights of midfielder Julian Draxler, Team newspaper says. The Merseyside wanted to attract the German national in the summer, but now their chances are much larger. The manager Jurgen Klop personally pushes for Draxler’s attraction, and the huge competition in Paris Saint-Germain pushes the 24-year-old German out of the team. He needs a lot of playing time to be part of his national team for the World Cup. Draxler has 16 matches and two goals for Paris Saint-Germain this season.


Man City secured the first place with an unexpected little win

Manchester City qualifies for the elimination phase of the Champions League after defeating the minimum 1: 0 outsider in Group F Feyenoord after a goal by Rahim Stirling two minutes before the end. For the “citizens” it was the fifth win of five matches in the most commercial tournament, while the Dutch team remained without any point in the group.

Josép Guardiola had made seven changes in his composition. Only Ederson, Kyle Walker, Kevin de Bourget and Rahim Stirling kept their starting points in the game with Leicester (2: 0). Elakim Mangala started instead of injured John Stones at the center of defense and Toure Yaya also started for the first time in the Champions League this season.
Manchester City – Feyenoord + 34

Kevin Dix, Renato Tapia, Sophie Amrabat and Jean Paul-Botius started as Feyenoord. Nikolay Jorgensen missed the match because of a malaise.

The hosts were expected to have acted quite openly from the start, but the clean goals have slowed. The first real one was created in the 33rd minute when Deportene broke through the left flank and then centered nicely on Aguero, who shot his head but fired at the door. A minute later, Brad Jones slapped Stirling. Feyenoord responded with a dangerous shot of Larsson, who passed very close to Ederson’s right beam.
Manchester City – Feyenoord + 34

In the 42nd minute, City’s watchman intervened decisively, stopping a good breakthrough with Tony Villena. The guests half fell, claiming to be foul, but no penalty was given.

At the very beginning of the second part, Van Beek cleared at the last minute, risking to mark his own goal, a sharp centering of David Silva. In the 63rd minute, De Deuce’s shot from the edge of the penalty area swept away from the goal. Six minutes later, Ederson saved the City after being shot by Berghuis.
Manchester City – Feyenoord + 34

1/4 hour before the end, Aguero held Silva’s center on chest, turned and kicked, but the ball went again a few centimeters away. Seconds later, 17-year-old Phil Fudden, who was applauded by the fans of Etihad, appeared in play for his debut for the first team.

Two minutes before the end of regular time, Rahim Stirling still scored the goal. Gundogan led the English national well, and Stirling transferred Jones, entering the fourth consecutive match in the Champions League.

City secured the first place in the group with a full asset of 15 points, while Feyenoord remained without any one.


Tottenham Scorpio Borussia (Dortmund) and won first place

Tottenham turned 2: 1 as Borussia (Dortmund) and a round before the end of the Champions League group H in the Champions League secured first place in the final standings, in the competition of European club champion Real Madrid. Spurs scored 13 points and Real was 10 after the defeated 6-0 victory over APOEL (Nicosia). White Ballet, however, has worse performance in straight match with Tottenham and will finish second.

Another failure puts into question even the third place for Borussia. The German team has only 2 points in its assets, just like APOEL, and in the last round it is Real Madrid’s “Santiago Bernabeu”.
Borussia (Dortmund) – Tottenham + 26

Against Tottenham Borussia lead with Pierre-Emerich Obamayang goal in the 31st minute, but in the second half, Harry Kane and Son Hoon-Ming brought the completely deserved victory of the guests.

The sign of Signal Iduna Park was a chance for Borussia to break its series of negative results. The “yellow and black” are in a nightmare and alternate weak matches not only in the Champions League but also in the Bundesliga. Tottenham secured a place in the eighth finals, but was meant to finish first in the group in front of Real Madrid. That could have happened today if the team had defeated Dortmund.
Borussia (Dortmund) – Tottenham + 26

Borisov’s coach Peter Boss made 4 changes compared to the team who failed to score a goal in APOEL (Nicosia) in the previous round. in the seats of Sokratis, Iomer Toprak, Christian Pulisic and Maximilian Philip appeared Jeremy Trojan, Dan-Axel Zagagdou, Marcel Schmelzer and Andriy Jaromolenko.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pocetino has released Serge Orie, Danny Rose and Son Hyun-Min, among them, and this time he chose a four-defender circuit. At the top of the attack was Harry Kane again.
Borussia (Dortmund) – Tottenham + 26

The meeting started with an early chance for Son, but the Korean was blocked by Sigadou. In the following minutes, the hosts attacked more, mostly through Yarmollenko, but did not create any clean positions. After a quarter hour of play, Mark Bartra was about to make a fatal mistake, but the referee ordered a foul in favor of the hosts.

In the 19th minute, Yarmollenko found Umayyang in a perfect way, but he made an unforgivable pass. Gabon’s national team made a comeback ten minutes later when he again received a grueling shot from Yarmollenko and shot Yugo Loris from the small penalty area.
Borussia (Dortmund) – Tottenham + 26

By the time of the break, only the luck saved the Germans from a balancing shot. First, Christian Eriksen, and then Eric Dyer, made dangerous shots, but Roman Becker was careful.

In the 49th minute Danny Rose pressed Tolian and the ball fell into Dele Ali, who brought Kane very well. The Spurs scorer made an unusually strong but fairly accurate stroke and leveled. Tottenham attacked more and more dangerously, and in the 57th minute Ali shot over the door in a favorable position. That’s how it came to the 76th minute when Dele Ali got off the left flank and found Son, and the Korean master shot in the far corner and led the English team forward.
Borussia (Dortmund) – Tottenham + 26

At the end Eriksson could score a third goal for Tottenham, but he sent the ball out and Buryk saved the Fernando Iorrete reserve shot.

With six goals since the start of the group stage, Harry Kain became the most successful English player in the 2003/04 season. Since the beginning of the calendar year, the English national has 39 hits in 38 official games.


UEFA chose “The Ideal Team of the Century”

A few days before the “Ideal Team of 2017” was announced, the European football headquarters published on its official site the perfect collection from the beginning of the century. It is made up of players who have fallen into the “UEFA Ideal Team” for the past 16 years.

In this eleven, there are six Spaniards, five Barcelona players and three Real Madrid players.

Here is the selection itself:

Goalkeeper: Iker Casiyas (Real, Porto, Spain) – 6 times part of the Ideal Team (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012)


Carles Puyol (Barcelona and Spain) – 6 times (2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010)
Philippe Laam (Bayern München and Germany) – 5 times (2006, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014)
Sergio Ramos (Real and Spain) – 6 times (2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)
Gerard Picke (Barcelona and Spain) – 5 times (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016)


Chavez Hernandez (Barcelona and Spain): – 5 times (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012)
Andres Iniesta (Barcelona and Spain) – 6 times (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016)
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool and England) – 3 times (2005, 2006 and 2007)


Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal) – 11 times (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)
Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina) – 8 times (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016)
Thierry Henry (Arsenal and France) – 5 times (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006)


Messi will talk about the new treaty on Friday

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi will stand in front of the microphone next Friday, says Mundo Deportivo. The reason for his meeting with journalists is the award ceremony of the Golden Boot for Europe’s top scorer last season 2016/17.

According to the MD, the Argentine will answer the question whether and when he will officially sign his new contract with “los coules”. Catalan media are ready for loud titles on Saturday’s issues.


Jordi Alba discarded the stuffed and bottled food on his menu

Barcelona football player and Spanish national team Jordi Alba talk to Tutosport about his new way of life and the new method of eating.

“I’ve always been running many kilometers in the games, but now I feel the best, my new diet has helped me a lot, I have refused to drink carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola and Fanta and I do not go to fast food now,” said the experienced protector .

On Wednesday Spanish champion Barca will face Juventus in a championship group match.

“A club like Barcelona is always obliged to win We have to win three points against one big opponent The change of the circuit helped us a lot We play with four in the defense We do not defend as well as the Italian teams but the difference is obvious for all “said another 28-year-old Jordi Alba.

The “Blue and Red” are headed to a “D” group with a 10 point asset, while Juventus has three points less in the second position.


Neymar: I want to win the Champions League and become a world champion, and then I can get married

The great star of Pari Saint-Germain Neymar once again declared he was happy in the French capital, defining his big goals for the next year – a Champions League trophy and a gold medal from the upcoming World Cup.

“First I want to win the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain and then the world championship with Brazil, and that’s my two main goals at this point, and then maybe maybe getting married,” Neymar told Man About Town.

“My life in Paris, the capital of France is a beautiful city and local players have welcomed me very well, I am happy to be here,” he added.


Athletic Bilbao – Villarreal

Athletic Bilbao welcomes Villarreal in a match from the 12th round of the Spanish La Liga. Here are our football betting predictions for this game at the San Mames Barria.

Athletic didn’t start the new season in the best way possible. It seems that they still can’t recover after losing Ernesto Valverde to Barcelona in the summer. Right now The Basques are 15th in the La Liga with 11 points, having a record of three wins, two draws and six losses. Most certainly it’s not good enough for a club with Athletic’s ambitions. We can suppose that they will try to find a quick fix in the situation. Will we see it against Villarreal on Sunday evening?

Athletic’s current form is far from good as well. They are in an unpleasant run of three consecutive losses, recorded against Leganes, Barcelona and Celta. The Basques scored just one goal in these three matches, which is telling us a lot about their condition.

Villarreal on the other hand are in a much better position than their next opponent. The Yellow Submarine is 5th in the league standings with 20 points. The team’s record so far is six wins, two draws and three defeats. Villarreal are doing very well in the last five rounds, winning four games and losing two points only in the draw against Atletico in Madrid.

Athletic will be without the suspended Mikel Vesga, while Benat, Iker Muniain and Iker Undabarrene are injured for the game. The good news come from the returning of Oscar De Marcos.

Villarreal can’t rely on the injured Samu Castillejo, Leonardo Suarez, Ruben Semedo and Andres Fernandez, while Sergio Asenjo and Bruno Soriano are doubtful for the game.

These are our football betting predictions for the La Liga game between Athletic Bilbao and Villarreal. Villarreal are the favourite here, but have in mind that Athletic have the home ground advantage.


Schalke – Hamburger

Schalke 04 hosts Hamburger in a game from the 12th round of the German Bundesliga. Here are our football betting predictions for this match at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

Schalke started this season better than they started the last one. Right now the Royal Blues are 4th in the Bundesliga standings, having won 20 points so far. Their record is six wins, two draws and three defeats. It’s important to note that Schalke are unbeaten in their last five matches, which is telling us that they are in a good place right now. Can they keep up the tempo against Hamburger as well?

Hamburger are once again having serious troubles in the league. And it looks like they will once again fight against relegation. HSV are currently 15th in the league standings, having won just 10 points since the start of the season. Their record at the moment is three wins, one draw and seven losses. In the last round they managed to beat Stuttgart at home, which was a needed breath of fresh air for them.

Pablo Insua is missing the game for Schalke because of an injury, while Nabil Bentaleb, Naldo, Leon Goretzka, Luke Hemmerich and Donis Avdijaj are all under a serious question for the next game. The good news for the Royal Blues come from the recovery of Matija Nastasic, who is once again ready to play.

Hamburger will be without Albin Ekdal and Nicolai Muller, who are injured. In a doubt for the visit to Veltins Arena are Bobby Wood, Sejad Salihovic, Bjarne Thoelke and Andreas Hirzel, who have problems with injuries.

These are our football betting predictions for the Bundesliga clash between Schalke 04 and Hamburger. Schalke are the clear favourite here, based on quality and performance so far. But be careful. Good luck!


Inter chased leader Napoli

Inter beat Atalanta 2-0 in the late 13th round of Serie A and came close to two points by leader Napoli. The “Nerazzurri” hits fell at the beginning of the second half when the high-scorer Captain Mauro Icardi scored twice.

Luciano Spaletli’s team continues to run without loss during the season, but in his last match before the break for national teams allowed 1: 1 against Turin.

The duel of the San Siro started at a good pace, and the positions alternated in front of both doors. The guests from Bergamo did not seem to be embarrassed and pressed the hosts seriously between the 6th and 8th minute. Inter replied with a counterattack that ended up centered on Borha Valero but did not follow anything serious as a danger. Atalanta continued to dictate the tempo, and Inter replied with quick shots.

Gradually, the hosts returned their ball possession and settled in half of Atalanta, subjecting Berisha’s door to the siege. In the 17th minute, however, the danger was ahead of Handanovic who managed to overtake the striker ball in white. Inter organized another attack, but Ivan Perisic failed to finish it with a blow to the door.

In the 25th minute, Inter Milan’s captain, Mauro Icardi, was defeated by Valero’s foot, the Argentine advancing in the penalty area but was blocked by two defenders of Atalanta and fired slightly in the goalie’s body. There was a new opportunity ahead of Atalanta’s door, but again the result was not found.

With the approach of the end of the half-time, the pace was falling, and the “Nerazzurri” claimed a penalty after Irvardi was drawn away from Candureva in front of the door. The Argentine showed he was shot down but the referee did not react.

After the break Inter played confidently and in the 51st minute, Icardi sent the ball into the net. Antonio Candreva centered on a direct free kick and the Argentinean head left Berisha no chance. The defeat came 10 minutes later when Icardi was again best placed in Atalanta’s field and raised the score to 2: 0. By the end of the match the pace fell and a new goal was not reached.
Inter – Atalanta 2-0
1: 0 – Ircards (51)
2: 0 – Irving (60)

Inter: Handanovich, D’Ambrosio, Skrinar, Miranda, Santon, Vesino, Galliarini, Candreva, Borha Valero, Perissic, Ircardi.
Atalanta: Berisha, Toloi, Palomino, Massiello, Hattaboer, De Roon, Kristante, Castanne, Ilicic, Kurtic, Gomes.


Cristiano and Benzema among the weakest galleys across Europe

Real Madrid Stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema are at the bottom of the number five goals scored in the top 5 of European championships, writes The Portuguese and the French have scored two goals in the season since the start of the season. The worst goal scorer is only the title strikers of the Italian Benvenuto, who scored one shot.

The los Blancos artillery shoulder to shoulder to attackers from Cologne, Hamburg, Bournemouth, and Huddersfield. Curiously, Cristiano and Karim scored in a match – with a 2-1 win over Getafe. Santoario Bernabeu left this summer Alvaro Morata and Mariano Diaz have made a total of 17 hits in the championships of England and France.

Marko Silva did not reject the possibility of taking over Everton

Marko Silva has not rejected the possibility of replacing Ronald Kumman at Everton’s head, but has also failed to confirm the news in the British media that he will leave Watford in the coming days or weeks. This happened in an interview after a 2-0 victory against West Ham.

“These things can not distract us.We know what we have to do on and off the pitch and in the last week we got it.The players did a great job, presented themselves well in the match and deserved the three points,” he said in an interview with ” Sky Sports “.

“The future is tomorrow It is then that we start preparing for the next match and we have a workout This is my future I understand that I can not avoid these questions but I also know what depends on me It is the training tomorrow. talk, “Silva added.


United scored a goal at Old Trafford but turned Newcastle style on the return of Pogba and Ibrahim

Manchester United took second place in the Premier League, from where he was shifted for a short time by Chelsea after defeating Newcastle 4: 1 at home. The Red Devils made their first goal in the Old Trafford Championship this season and were lagging behind after Dwight Gail hit the 14th minute. But then United took things in his own hands and made a full turn after the goals of Antoni Marcial (37 ‘), Chris Smoling (45’ + 1), Paul Pogba (54 ‘) and Rommel Lukaku (70’). The most expensive player of the hosts had not played since September 12, but returned with a hit and assists. Thus, the Red Devils recorded the fifth win of five Premier League games since the start of the season.

Pugba returned to the home team of Jose Mourinho after missing the last 12 games due to injury. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had not played since April, has also been reinstated, as well as Markos Rook. The last two, however, remained on the bench. Ibra, however, appeared in play in the 77th minute after being absent for seven months due to a severe knee injury.

Victor Liedelhoff started at the center of defense, and Juan Mata and Antoni Marciale were also heads of Manchester United. Raphael Benitez had made two changes compared to the last match of the “Swarovski”. Kiaran Clark and Jacob Murphy started for the guests. In the seventh minute Lucaque missed a good chance. Rashford did well on Valencia on the right flank, the Ecuador immediately centered on land in the penalty area where Lukaku knocked but sent the ball over the door.

The “Sharks”, however, started very well, hard pressed their rival and attacked quite dangerously. In the 14th minute the guests organized a great attack. Yedlin made a great break across the right flank, then returned to Gail, who shot 12 meters in the left corner. Lindelof, who previously lost the ball and thus kicked off the goal attack, slipped and did not stop, so United made the first goal in the Premier League at Old Trafford this season. “The Sharks” continued to attack more dangerous, although they were already leading. In the 20th minute Shelley brought Murphy a perfect shot but he shot inches from the far beam.

In the 26th minute, Lucacou missed another good opportunity for the Red Devils after he headed Liedelof’s center but sent the ball over the crossbar again.

In the 37th minute United equalized. Pugba kept very skillfully on the right flank, managed Mankiyo and then centered on the far beam where Marissal headed, sending the ball into the corner – 1: 1. At the very end of the first part, the hosts had quite reasonable claims for a penalty after Lukaku fell into the small penalty area detained by Clark. But Craig Pusson’s signal did not follow. However, a minute later United made a full reversal with a second goal with a head. This time, it was realized by Chris Smiling, who detected a centering of Young.

In the added time, Hayden missed a great chance to equalize after crossing Smiling and facing De Hae, but United’s guardsmen slaughtered. The rebounded ball reached Richie, who sent her back again, but she met Gail’s body and went sideways.

At the very beginning of the second part, Pugba again found Martial in the small penalty area, but this time the attacker slipped and failed to score a shot.

In the 54th minute the Red Devils organized an extraordinary attack. Mata took Lucasu to the left flank, while Rapsford sprinted into the penalty area, where he caught the Belgian’s center and elegantly pulled his head to Pugba, for whom he had nothing to do except to score three meters – 3: 1.

In the 70th minute Lucaquu rose to 4: 1 after making a double with Mata and shot Rob Elliot, putting his first goal with United’s team on Sept. 30.

In the 77th minute, after a seven-month absence, Zlatan Ibrahimovic came in, replacing Antoni Marciail, and was greeted with the applause of the Old Trafford fans. In the end, Ibra and Fellaini missed a fifth goal for the hosts. In both situations, Eliot intervened well.

Manchester United has 26 points – eight behind Man City. Newcastle is 11th with 14 points. It was the 38th consecutive match in all tournaments without a home loss for the Reds.


Everybody talks about how Juanfran is running over Cristiano

Madrid’s Derby offered many moments to talk about. If we put aside the controversial penalties, social networking has been a different situation in which Cristiano Ronaldo has lost his supersonic speed. In the case of a dangerous counter for the “white”, the Portuguese will go vertically to the field of the “matuscats”, but beaten by the right defender Juanfan.

Although the defender must escape a greater distance to the ball, he is able to get to it and stop the champions’ action. The internet edition of Mundo Deportivo uses the case to make news that has the title “Huffran showed the loss of speed at Cristiano”.

Twitter’s AS profile showed a funny post comparing 32-year-old Huffran with a horse and 32-year-old Ronaldo with a turtle.


How many penalties did Real Madrid have to get?

Last night’s big derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid has been rampant with a number of controversial situations. In most situations, guests from Santiago Bernabeu may be considered injured by chief judge Fernandez Borbalan.

The “White” repeatedly raised their hands in the air with requests for a penalty. The most serious reasons for this were in the 36th minute when Luca Hernandez kicked Sergio Ramos in an excellent goal for the champions.

Judge analyst Marca Anduhar Oliver has no penalty because the strike is “involuntary.” “One tries to clear and the other to shoot, the referee’s decision is right,” says Oliver. The AS judge’s judge is in a different opinion: “It is a penalty. If he had bent his head down, it would be an indirect free kick.” The Atletico player lapsed late, the penalty was “.

In the 83nd Diego Godin stopped the ball after a shot by Cristiano Ronaldo. The hand is in the natural state, although it is not tightly packed. Two minutes later, Huffran played with his hand in the penalty box with an air duel. Hand playing is also unconscious and the referee again decided not to point to the white point. There was also a hand in Real’s penal field. In the 78th minute, Ianik Ferreira Karasco fired at Kikos Kasia’s door and the ball thrust from Cristiano Ronaldo’s hand. One hand of the Portuguese is off, but the ball hits the raised upper limb.

Bernabeu is generally rabid with Borbalan’s overall judging. Besides not playing a penalty, he did not even give yellow cards to Luca Hernandez and Angel Korea. The first broke Ramos’ nose with a kick and the second deliberately kicked the ball into Karim Benzema’s head when the game stopped. What is your opinion about the situation?


Suso admitted a redemption clause in his contract

Milan Souso’s attacker admitted that he had a redemption clause in his contract with the Rosoner. The Spaniard re-signed with the club in September, but rumors about his transfer nevertheless remain. However, he is categorical that he feels good at San Siro and does not think of a transfer.

“I play in every game. Maybe I do not perform as well as before, but I think the team is developing and growing. I could leave, but I decided to stay and I’m happy. It is true that I have a redemption clause, but I feel good in Milan. If I wanted to leave, I would not sign a new contract, and I could leave for a much smaller amount. I am very happy to be here and get along well with my coaches and teammates, “said Susso.

He did not hide that he hoped to get a call for Spain’s national team for the upcoming World Cup next year.

“As for the World Cup, I think I work well in Milan. I’m doing well, but there’s more to improve. If I do, I have a real chance to get a call, “says the striker.


Mustafi: Tottenham Derby is important to fans

Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi is looking forward to the upcoming derby against Tottenham today. The two London Grands face the Emirates against each other. The German said he was aware of the importance of this match for the fans of the two teams.

“When you sign with Arsenal, everyone starts talking about the big derby. This is a very important match for fans and you can feel it while playing on the pitch. In the last clash, we first led, but then we allowed equalization. There was a big game, but we were disappointed with the draw. It was quite tense and I think everyone who was watching the game saw an interesting clash. It is clear that Arsenal fans want us to win, but let’s not forget that Tottenham is a very good team, “Mustafi said.


Buffon can break even more records

Juventus’ living legend, Gianluigi Buffon, may improve two more records before ending his football career at the end of the season. The 39-year-old veteran has a real chance to record new serious achievements on his A Series account.

Currently, Buffon takes second place for the most played matches in the Italian league with 627 matches on his account. In front of him is only the legend of Milan Paolo Maldini with his 647 games. This means that the guard must play in 21 of the remaining 26 matches by the end of the season to improve the performance of his good friend.

The other record that Buffon can improve is the one for the most won titles. So far, the goalkeeper has 8 trophies on his account (if we do not count Juventus Scudetti withdrawn for the Calcopoli scandal). So he has the same number of titles with Virginie Rosseta, Giovanni Ferrari and Bepe Furino. If Juve becomes champion this season, it will be the 9th Scudetto in Buffon’s collection, although he himself thinks he has two more.

Buffon already holds the record for the goalkeeper with the most A Series matches, as well as for the longest period without a goal (974 minutes). It’s also the achievement of the most consecutive games without a goal (10).

In addition, Gigi holds the record for most minutes with the Juventus team in the championship, as well as the most participations in the Champions League for the “bianconers”. Alessandro Del Piero is the player with the most games for Juve in all the tournaments (705), and in order to overtake him, Buffon will have to record another 70 matches with the “Old Lady” team.

For Italy, Buffon is already a record player with his 175 games, with the most “dry” nets (77), the most saved penalties (5) and most matches as captain (79), the latest record being shared with Fabio Cannavaro.


Zaza needs surgery

Valencia striker Simone Jinda will need a knee surgery. The footballer has a rupture of the meniscus and that is why he has missed the matches of the national team of Italy against Sweden. This problem can only be solved by surgical intervention.

“The jaw has partial tornness of the outer knee meniscus. He has this condition for some time. Sometimes it is blocked and he can play. So far, the situation is under control, but at some point he will have to undergo surgery. The problem is not just a break, “said Marcelino coach Valencia.


Tony Pulis is aware that his chair is shaken

West Bromwich manager Albion Tony Pulis said he would not blame club leadership if he decides to release him after the weak start of the championship. The “Thrushes” rank 16th in the Premier League after the first 11 games, having only 2 wins since the season, and on Saturday they have a hard game home with champion Chelsea.

According to British media, Pullies has two matches to save his job – Chelsea’s home match and Tottenham’s visit next week.

“No, it will not be unfair if I’m fired, it’s life, and that’s what’s happening,” Pulis said, “if you do not get the results you’re under pressure.”

Chelsea Pulis will not be able to rely on midfielder Nasser Shadley, who has suffered a trauma during a training session on Thursday.


Zidane: Everything between Ronaldo and Ramos is smooth

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane denies having a problem between Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo. During the week, he wondered about the deteriorating relationship between the two after expressing different views on the team’s team’s potential. “I do not know how many years they’ve been together in Madrid. These are two legends that have won so many trophies together. Sometimes one happens to think one, and the other – one. Things are smooth inside the dressing room, they are already smooth. There is no problem between Sergio and Cristiano, “Zuzu said at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s derby with Atletico Madrid.

“The team is in good shape. We have a few more injured players, but overall we are good. We know how important this game is. For me, however, these are the usual three points, “said the French specialist,” Modric and Carvahal are in line. Danny was ready some time ago, but we decided it was better to work, not go to a camp with the national team, “he assured.

“We are working on the topic of achieving more goals than our gilders. This is not just about Benzema but also about Cristiano Ronaldo. Tomorrow is a great time for both Karim and Cristiano to write down, “said the White Coach with a smile.

“It will be a heavy game at the new stadium of the rival. I expect to get a nice fight. We always analyze our opponent and want to impose our style of play. (…) Life is not a success or a failure. For me, the way things are done is important. That is, the results are important, we are lagging behind, but we will do our best to make up for this liability, “Zidane said.

Derby tomorrow has a starting time of 21.45.


Mourinho confirmed the big news – Ibra, Pogba and Roho are in the band for tomorrow

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho confirmed the assumption in the English media that long-absent because of injuries Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Markos Rohho and Paul Pogba are ready to play. The three are fully recovered and will be in the group for tomorrow’s match with Newcastle.

“Players who have stayed here during national team matches and recovered from injuries, even those who have had great injuries, are ready to play, including Pogba, Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo.

Now I can talk about Paul because he came back. I could not do it when he was injured, but you can clearly see how Manchester United was performing before Paul’s injury and then. Last season Ibra played almost every minute. This season we learned how to play without him, but he is very important to us. The way he struggles with this injury shows that he is an incredible person. While he was injured, he was the same professional as he ever was. Can Zlatan and Lukaku play together? Good players can play together, it’s easy. Marcos Rhocho also missed us a lot. He’s already playing with the young on Wednesday and is good. He is ready and confident, “Mourinho said.

A former Barcelona player takes over Bosnia and Herzegovina

50-year-old Meho Kodro will be appointed as coach of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national football team, several media reported in the former Yugoslav Republic. Kodro is preferred to several experts in the country and to the former Yugoslavia because of the expectations to bring a new breath to the team and to impose young players.

At the moment, the former striker is coach of Swiss Second Serbian (Geneva), who is in second place but is fighting for entry into the country’s elite league.

Kodro must complete the negotiations with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina within a few days and end its relations with Servet (Geneva).

Born in Mostar and former local footballer, Mehmo Kodro made a name for European soccer in Real Sociedad, with 129 games and 73 goals. For a long time he worked as a coach in the club of various teams, and in 2008 he was also a national coach. His son Kenan Kodro also plays as a striker at the German Mainz ’05 elite club.


And Peru has succeeded, all the participants of the World Cup 2018 and the distribution of urns are already clear

Peru beat 2-0 New Zealand and became the last team to play the World Cup 2018. Jefferson Farfan and Christian Ramos scored the Incas hits that won the second intercontinental playoff and completed the list of finalists of the championship in Russia.

The first match ended 5 days ago 0: 0, but today the South Americans scored one goal in each half and brought to the delirium the crowd of crowded Estadio Nacional in Lima. For Peru this will be the 5th World Championship. The previous ones were in 1930, 1970, 1978 and 1982. The first victory of the team of the biggest football forum is against Bulgaria – 3: 2 in 1970.

Prior to qualifying, most specialists did not put the Peruvians in the bills. Ricardo Garrett’s team, however, has mistaken some of the favorites and reached the playoffs at the expense of the champion of the last edition of Copa America – Chile. New Zealand did not hinder the hosts and did not show that it deserved a place among the 32nd best teams in the world. The visitors were defending and Kosta Barbarauses did not reach any passes.

In Peru, there were three changes from the first match, with Andre Carrio, Yosimar Yotun and Aldo Corso out of the stakes at the expense of Andy Polo, Raul Ruidias and Luis Aviscula. New Zealand coach Anthony Hudson made two rocadas in his team. Veteran Andrew Davis replaced injury defender Tommy Smith and Marko Rokas was sent to the reserve and Billy Tuiloma started his first minute for the champion of Oceania. The striker of Burnley Chris Wood appeared only at the start of the second half.

Avincula failed to give Peru an advance in the 3 rd minute with a long shot, but the pressure of the hosts continued and in the middle of the half-century the fortress of the New Zealanders fell. Cristian Queva handled the guest captain Winston Reid and found the uncovered Pharphane. There was a powerful jump below the beam of Lokomotiv’s wing (Moscow) and the stadium was on its feet.

After defeating his 23rd national team, Farfan showed a 9th shirt, dedicating doping penalties Jose Paolo Guerrero.

By the end of the halftime, Peruvians could score a second goal, but New Zealand goalkeeper Stephan Marinovic corrected his mistake after Miguel Traucco struck ahead of Farfan.

After the appearance of Chris Wood, there was a short period of time in which the guests became active but they did not create a pure goal position. the hopes of the “kiwi” finally vanished in the 65th minute when after a corner kick, the ball was not clear and Ramos sent it to the final 2: 0.

In this way Peru was ranked in world finals for the first time in 36 years and the holiday in the country could begin. After the fight in Lima, it was finally clear that the 32nd finalist was on the ball. For the first time in history, it was based on the FIFA rankings, with the only exception being for host Russia.

Apart from the Russians, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland and France will be among the group leaders. Interestingly, Spain will be in second as well as England.

The draw for the eight groups will be drawn on December 1 in the Kremlin.


Surprise: In Italy, Delio Rossi is a national coach

Jampiero Ventura is no longer a coach of Italy, and in recent times he has been speculatively speculating with his possible deputy.

In Botusha’s media, the names of specialists who could be at the head of the “Nerazzurri” immediately began to circulate. Among the favorites for a new coach are Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini and Massimiliano Allegri. Of them only Ancelotti is free after being released from Bayern (Munich). His appointment, however, will have been expensive for the local federation, and this may cause the soccer bosses to consider some more extravagant candidacies. Among them are Vincenzo Montetella, Claudio Ranieri and … Delio Rossi.


“The future of Montella, at the head of Milan, is not certain, and the probability of being released is great, and in such circumstances it will be free and easy to engage in. The situation around Ranieri is different. well in League 1. In addition, his contract with the French club is until 2019, “write in Italy.

“Interesting is also Delio Rossi, who was fired from Bologna in 2015 and for two years was out of work, and in the summer he again sat on the coaching bench, signing a 2-year contract with Levski. It is enough to mention the triumph of the Italian Cup with Lazio in 2009, “writes, citing a minus for Delio Rossi’s confrontation with Adem Ljajic during their stay in Fiorentina.


In Neymar’s contract with PSG there was a ransom clause, that’s the size

This summer, Neymar became the most expensive player in the world after Paris Saint Germain paid 222 million euros to terminate the Brazilian contract with Barcelona. Talent started well in Park de Prince, but very soon appeared the information about conflicts with teammates and coach. Neymar himself did not feel happy in France, tabloids say. Again, the transfer of the SSG striker is just a temporary stopover before the Brazilian goes to Barcelona’s big rival, Real Madrid.

The recently popular El Chiringuito broadcast, which a few days ago revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has told Florentino Perez that he wants to leave after the end of the season, has made a new, curious insight. According to him, there is a ransom clause in Neymar’s contract with PSG, although it is not compulsory for French clubs, as is the case with the Spanish ones. The existence of such a clause is only at the will of the player himself, in order to facilitate his transfer to Real. Even more interesting, its size is identical to the amount that PSG had to pay for Neymar – 222 million euros.

Clubs that can pay this amount are a few, but Neymar himself wanted to play in Real. If this is the case, then the other mentioned news will probably happen – the eventual departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.


A key player of Manchester United threatened to leave

Manchester United midfielder Marwan Felaini wants to leave Old Trafford as a free agent next summer, the British media said. The Belgian midfielder, who will be 30 years old next week, refuses to sign a new contract and the “red devils” are afraid they will miss him without a transfer fee.

The new offer of £ 120,000 a week was rejected in September and the footballer made it clear he was ready to part with the club. Felaini is not satisfied with the financial parameters of the proposed agreement, as well as with his status as a reserve in Jose Mourinho.

The Belgian is an important figure in the Special Scheme, although he does not enjoy plenty of game minutes. Mourinho considers Marwan as a key player and keeps him staying.


Huddersfield – West Bromich

Huddersfield Town welcomes West Bromwich Albion in a match from the 11th round of the English Premier League. We will examine this game and offer you our soccer betting predictions for today for it.


Huddersfield Town are currently 13th in the Premier League standings with 12 points won so far. They have a record of three wins, three draws and four losses. How you could see, their performance in the league is very balanced between winning and losing.


In their last game Huddersfield suffered a 0-3 loss to Liverpool, just a week after beating Manchester United at home. So far they are moving pretty well, taking into account that their main goal this season is surviving.


West Bromwich Albion is a team with serious troubles at the moment. Tony Pulis’ side won just two points from its last five games, which is not a very good stat for a Premier League team. Right now West Bromwich are 15th in the league standings, but if they continue to perform like this, they might find themselves in the relegation zone pretty soon. In the last round of the Premier League West Bromwich suffered a home defeat against the current leader Manchester City.


Huddersfield and West Bromwich are two teams with a similar goal – to survive in the Premier League. It’s just two points that separates them, which tells us that they perform in identical way since the start of the new campaign. We could say that maybe Huddersfield are in a little bit of a higher spirit right now, thank to their win over Manchester United. In the same time, Tony Pulis still looks for a way to make West Bromwich perform better.


These are our soccer betting predictions for today for the match between Huddersfield Town and West Bromwich Albion.


Leicester – Stoke City

Stoke City hosts Leicester City in a match from the 11th round of the English Premier League. We will examine this clash and we are going to offer you our soccer betting predictions for today for it.


Both teams are situated in the bottom half of the Premier League standings. Stoke City are 14th with 11 points won so far. Mark Hughes’ team have a record of three wins, two draws and five defeats since the start of the new campaign. Stoke improved their position in the table during the last round, when they enjoyed a win over Watford away from home.


Leicester City are 11th in the league standings. In the last round The Foxes celebrated a win over Everton, which was an official debut for their new manager Claude Puel. Jamie Vardy and Demarai Gray’s goals were enough for the win over Everton, who were led by the caretaker David Unsworth.


Although Leicester were champions of England pretty much soon ago, now their goals are totally different. The club’s main ambition is just to survive and stay in the league. And if they can clinch a midtable finish, this would be great.


We can say the same about Stoke City. They are a club which finds a way to survive every season. Now they will try to do the same once again. Although they are 14th in the standings at the moment, the difference between them and the relegation zone is just three points. They have to be careful.


Stephen Ireland continues to be injured for Stoke, while Peter Crouch and Bruno Martins Indi are doubtful. It’s still not clear what their condition is at the moment.


Leicester will be without the injured Matthew James and Robert Huth, who are still not avaliable for selection.


These were our soccer betting predictions for today for the game between Stoke and Leicester. Good luck!


ManUnited – Tottenham

Manchester United hosts Tottenham in the big derby of the 10th round of the English Premier League. We are about to offer you our today soccer bets for this clash at the Old Trafford in Manchester.


Both teams have the same amount of points after the first 9 rounds – per 20, but United are ahead of Spurs because of a better goal difference. They are both trailing on 5 five points behind the leader Manchester City, so we could hardly say that there’s any room for mistakes right now. In other words – these two teams should be equally motivated to prevail and win the three points on Saturday afternoon.


Manchester United are currently in an unpleasant run of two consecutive matches without a win. Jose Mourinho’s team made wrong steps against Liverpool and Huddersfield, which allowed Manchester City to gain five points advantage on the top. Jose Mourinho knows that his team must return to its winning ways as soon as possible.


Paul Pogba and Marouane Fellaini continue to be injured for United, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo are back to training for the Red Devils. It depends on Mourinho when these two players will return on the pitch.


Tottenham are in a great run of four wins in a row in the Premier League. Mauricio Pochettino’s team is playing very good lately and they will try to continue in this way at the Old Trafford. Tottenham are one of the title contenders in the league, so their main goal in this game is winning it.


Everyone at Tottenham is healthy, including Erik Lamela and Victor Wanyama. Pochettino has the luck to see his squad full for this match, so it’d be interesting to see his starting line-up on Saturday.


These are our today soccer bets for the match between Manchester United and Tottenham. We wish you good luck!

Liverpool – Huddersfield

Liverpool hosts Huddersfield in a match from the 10th round of the English Premier League. We are about to offer you our today soccer bets for the clash at the Anfield Stadium.


Times are hard for Liverpool in the recent weeks. Jurgen Klopp’s team is without a win in the league in a three consecutive matches. Right now The Reds are 9th in the league standings with 13 points, which is unacceptable for the club’s ambition. This makes things harder for the manager Klopp as well, because more and more Liverpool fans become unsatisfied with his managerial work.


Huddersfield on the other hand are currently on the rise. In their latest game they managed to beat Manchester United, which seriously lifted the spirit of the team. Now they will try to repeat their great performance at the legendary Anfield Stadium.


Huddersfield are currently 11th in the Premier League standings with 12 points – just one point less than Liverpool. Their record so far is three wins, three draws and three losses.


Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp can’t use the injured Adam Lallana, while Georginio Wijnaldum and Sadio Mane most probably will miss the game with injuries. We can say that Mane’s absence is really bad news for Liverpool, because he’s one of Liverpool’s best offensive players. The Reds can only hope that he will come back on the pitch as soon as possible.


Huddersfield’s main goal this season is survival. They started well the new campaign and they are moving around the middle of the table. If they continue like this, it won’t be a problem for them to keep their place in the elite of English football. But they must keep their consistency – this is a must.


These are our today soccer bets for the match between Liverpool and Huddersfield. We wish you a good luck!


Leverkusen – Koln

Bayer Leverkusen hosts Koln in a match from the 10th round of the German Bundesliga. Here are our today soccer bets for this game at the BayArena in Leverkusen.


Bayer Leverkusen didn’t start the new season very well, but they managed to improve their performance afterwards. They are unbeaten in their last four games, winning two of them (against Hamburger and Borussia M’gladbach) and sharing the points against Schalke and Wolfsburg.


In their last match Leverkusen scored five goals in Monchengladbach, so we can be sure that the spirit is high in their dressing room. The question is – can they use this momentum in their favour?


Against a team in Koln’s situation, this should not be that difficult. Koln are the total outsider in the German league at the moment, having won just two points in the first 9 rounds. They have a record of two draws and seven defeats, having scored just 3 goals since the start of the campaign. Most certainly, this is not good at all. If they continue like this, they would have serious problems in their quest of surviving this season.


Leverkusen could be without Sven Bender and Kevin Volland, who are currently having some injury problems. We are about to see if they are going to be used against Koln.


As for Koln, they can’t use the injured Jhon Cordoba, Nikolas Nartey and Jonas Hector, while Claudio Pizarro, Matthias Lehmann, Marcel Risse and Marius Laux are doubtful for the next game.


It’s obvious who is the big favourite in this match. Leverkusen are a team who improved its performance in the last few weeks, while Koln remain terribly mediocre and without a win since the start of the season. It’d be a huge surprise if the visiting team manages to take something from Leverkusen in this game.


These were our today soccer bets for the match between Leverkusen and Koln. Good luck!

Lazio- Sassuolo

Lazio hosts Sassuolo in another match from the 7th round of the Italian Serie A. Here’s our vip predictions for this clash at the Stadio Olimpico in the great city of Rome.


Lazio are currently 4th in the Serie A standings with 13 points won so far. Their record is four wins, one draw and one loss. They have four wins in their last matches and only one loss – the heavy defeat against Napoli at home.


It’s still too early to say if Lazio is going to challenge for the title or not. But one thing is for sure – they would want to return to the Champions League. Last season they were not able to do it, but now they are going to try again. We have no doubts in this regard.


During the week Simone Inzaghi’s team had a match in the Europa League. Lazio faced the Belgian Zulte-Waregem and celebrated 2-0 win at The Olimpico. They have now two wins from two games played in the Europa League.


Sassuolo are not doing as good as Lazio. They are currently 16th in the league standings with just 4 points won so far. Their record in the league is one win, one draw and four losses. In their last five matches they have one win and four defeats. For now it looks that it’s going to be a difficult season for Sassuolo.


Time for some team news.


Lazio are going to be without five of their players. Injuries are still healing Stefan de Vrij, Dusan Basta, Bastos, Wallace and Felipe Anderson. They can’t play against Sassuolo.


Sassuolo can’t use the suspended Francesco Magnanelli and Domenico Berardi, while Cristian Dell’Orco is injured. Davide Frattesi is doubtful for the game.


This was our vip predictions for the game between Lazio and Sassuolo. We wish you good luck!


Napoli – Cagliari

Napoli hosts Cagliari in a match from the 7th round of the Italian Serie A. We will offer you our vip football bets winner for this game at the Stadio San Paolo in Naples.


Napoli are the current leader in the Serie A. They have the same amount of points as the champion Juventus, but they have a better goal difference. Since the start of the new season, Napoli are just perfect. They have 6 wins from 6 games played so far. Their goal difference is also impressive – 22:5.


During the week Napoli had a game in the Champions League as well. They faced the Dutch champion Feyenoord and recorded a home win with 3-1. For them this was a first win in the group after the loss against Shakthar.


Cagliari on the other hand are 13th in the current standings with 6 points won from 6 games. Their record so far is two wins and four losses. They are in a run of two consecutive losses, recorded against Sassuolo and Chievo. Now they will have another tough task against one of the best teams in the country.


Napoli can’t use the Polish striker Arkadiusz Milik, who once again suffered a serious knee injury. He will be out of action until March 2018, which is very bad news for his team.


Cagliari can’t use the suspended Fabio Pisacane, while Pinheiro is still injured. The good news are that Andrea Cossu, Gabriel and Gregory van der Wiel have recovered from their latest injuries and they are once again fit to play.


Napoli is the huge favourtie here and it’s not a surprise. The Azzuri are playing greatly since the start of the new season and they deserve to be leaders in the standings.


This is our vip football bets winner for the match between Napoli and Cagliari. Good luck!


Newcastle – Liverpool

Newcastle United hosts Liverpool in the last match of the 7th round of the English Premier League. Here are our soccer tips for profit for this game.


Newcastle are currently 9th in the league with 9 points won. They have a record of three wins and three losses, which shows us how inconsistent they are since the start of the season. They are newcomers in the Premier League, so maybe Rafa Benitez’ team is still getting used to the Premier League once again.


In their last game Newcastle suffered a defeat against Brighton & Hove Albion. Before that The Magpies were in a run of three consecutive wins.


Liverpool are 6th in the league at the moment with 11 points won so far. The Reds’ record is three wins, two draws and one defeat. If they manage to beat Newcastle, Liverpool will move back to the Top 4 of the Premier League. In their last game Liverpool recorded a 3-2 win during the visit to Leicester City.


We should note that Liverpool had an European game during the week. The Reds travelled to the Russian capital Moscow to meet Spartak. The game against the Russian champion ended with a draw. It was a second consecutive draw for Liverpool in the competition.


Let’s have a look at the team news before the match.


Newcastle will be without the injured Paul Dummett, while Massadio Haidara is doubtful for the match. The good news are that Jamie Sterry and Emmanuel Riviere are once again fit and ready to play for The Magpies.


Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp can’t use the injured Adam Lallana and Nathaniel Clyne, but Mamadou Sakho is once again fit and ready to play.


These are our soccer tips for profit for the match between Newcastle and Liverpool in the Premier League. We wish you good luck!


Barcelona – Las Palmas

Barcelona hosts Las Palmas in a match from the 7th round of the Spanish La Liga. Stay with us, because we are about to give you our soccer tips for profit for the clash at the Camp Nou.


Barca are the current leaders in La Liga. They have 18 points and a perfect record of six wins from six matches so far. They are the only team with a perfect record in La Liga so far. Their goal difference is also impressive – 20:2. Barcelona have the best attack and the best defense in the league at this moment.


During the week Barcelona had another game in the Champions League as well. The club continued its perfect run in Europe, too. They faced Sporting in Lisboa and managed to win with 1-0. They now have two wins from two matches in the Champions League.


Las Palmas are currently 17th in La Liga with 6 points and a record of two wins and four defeats. In its last five matches, Las Palmas won twice and lost three times. In its last game they suffered a 0-2 defeat at home against the newcomer Leganes.


Time for some team news before the game.


Barcelona’s manager Ernesto Valverde can’t use the injured Ousmane Dembele and Rafinha, while Arda Turan is once again fit and ready to play.


Las Palmas is going to be without the injured Victor Vitolo, Dani Castellano, Alen Halilovic and Sergi Samper, while Pedro Bigas and Alfredo Ortuno are doubtful. The good news are that the striker Loic Remy is once again fit and back in training.


There’s no surprise here – Barcelona are the clear favourite. Most likely they are about to win with more than one or two goals difference. That’s our pick in our soccer tips for profit for this game.

Arsenal – Brighton

Arsenal hosts Brighton & Hove Albion in a match from the 7th round of the English Premier League. Here is our football bets winner for this game at the Emirates Stadium in London.


Arsenal are currently 7th in the league standings with 10 points won so far. Their record in the league so far is three wins, one draw and two losses. How you could see, The Gunners are far from consistent since the start of the new campaign. If they don’t want to miss a participation in the Champions League for a second season in a row, they really need to improve and make their performances more solid and consistent.


Brighton & Hove Albion are currently 14th in the Premier League. The newcomers have 7 points and a record of two wins, one draw and three losses. They are still getting used to the Premier League and they are doing fairly well, especially compared to some other teams in the league. In their last match Brighton won against Newcastle at home and added important three points to their tally.


Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger have some problems before the game. Calum Chambers, Santi Cazorla, Danny Welbeck, Francis Coquelin are all injured and missing the match.


Brighton & Hove Albion have a full squad and they can use all of their players in this match, which is great for them.


When Arsene Wenger signed a new contract with Arsenal, many of the club’s fans were not happy. And so far the Frenchman is not proving that this was the right decision. Arsenal are once again unconsistent and away from the top teams in terms of ambition. Can they start playing better in the coming weeks? Well, for sure they must start with Brighton.


This is our football bets winner for the match between Arsenal and Brighton. Have a good luck with this one!


Newcastle – Stoke

Newcastle United hosts Stoke City in a match from the 5th round of the English Premier League. We are about to give you our football betting predictions for this game.


After suffering two losses in the first two rounds, it looks like Newcastle are already starting to find their rhythm in the league. They are in a run of two consecutive wins, achieved against West Ham and Swansea. They are currently 10th in the league standings with 6 points won.


Stoke City in the same time are very close to Newcastle, having won 5 points from the first four rounds. Mark Hughes’ team lost just one of its matches so far. Right now Stoke are in a run of two consecutive draws against West Bromwich and Manchester United. Their goal difference is 4:4, compared to Newcastle’s 4:3. It’s a thing which we could say for both teams – they are hardly conceding goals, but they are also hardly scoring.


Newcastle can’t use the suspended Aleksandar Mitrovic, while Mbemba Mangulu and Paul Dummett are injured. The good news for Rafa Benitez are that Jamie Sterry and Emmanuel Riviere have recovered from their injures and they are both ready to return on the pitch.


As for Stoke City, Mark Hughes can’t use the injured Geoff Cameron, Julien Ngoy and Stephen Ireland, while Ryan Shawcross and Ibrahim Afellay are doubtful for the game.


We could say that both teams look very equal in terms of overall quality. The league standings are also confirming this. The draw looks like a reasonable bet here, although everything is possible in this league.


These were our football betting predictions for the game between Newcastle and Stoke City. Be wise with your predictions, before it’s a difficult game to bet on. How we said, these teams look very even right now. These were our football betting predictions for this match

Liverpool – Burnley

Liverpool hosts Burnley in a match from the fifth round of the English Premier League. We are going to offer you our football betting predictions for the clash at the legendary Anfield Stadium.


There’s some pressure on Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp’s shoulders at the moment. The German manager is in deep waters after the 0-5 loss against Manchester City and the 2-2 draw against Sevilla in the Champions League. There are some fans who already want from him to leave the club, which is not good in the beginning of the season.


Right now The Reds are at 8th place in the Premier League, having won 7 points so far. They are on just three points behind the leader Manchester United, but despite of that Klopp has his reasons to feel worried. We can’t say that Liverpool are playing their best football at the moment and we all saw this in their last two matches in the Premier League and the Champions League.


As for Burnley, they are currently 7th in the standings – with one position above Liverpool. Burnley also won 7 points so far, which is surprisingly good from them so far. Just like Liverpool, they have 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss since the start of the new season. In their last game Burnley beat Crystal Palace with 1-0 at home.


Liverpool will be without the suspended Sadio Mane in this game, while Adam Lallana and Nathaniel Clyne are injured. Good news are that Mammadou Sakho is fit and ready to return on the pitch.


As for Burnley, they can’t use the injured Tom Heaton, Nahki Wells and Dean Marney, while Jeff Hendrick is still doubtful with a thigh injury.


These are our football betting predictions for the match between Liverpool and Burnley. Can Liverpool return on the winning way?


Getafe – Barcelona

Getafe hosts Barcelona in a match from the 4th round of the Spanish La Liga. Let us offer you our football betting predictions for this game.


After being perfect in the league so far, winning three games out of three, Barcelona are the current leader in La Liga. They didn’t face any problems against Real Betis, Alaves and Espanyol, winning these matches without conceding a goal. Their goal difference at the moment is 9:0.


Last season Barca lost their title to Real Madrid, so now they are going to be absolutely motivated to win the league once again and return to the throne. They lost Neymar during the summer, but replaced him with the ultra talented youngster Ousmane Dembele.


During the week Barca showed their strenght in the Champions League as well, beating Juventus with 3-0 at the Camp Nou. Before the season many people thought that Los Cules will have problems, but right now we don’t see nothing like this.


Getafe on the other hand just returned to La Liga after a short spell in Segunda Division. They started the campaign with a win, a draw and a loss, having won 4 points so far. They are currently in the middle of the table, being 10th. In their last match Getafe achieved their first win, beating Leganes.


Barcelona’s manager Ernesto Valverde could be without the injured Arda Turan, while Rafinha is ready to come back in play.


As for Getafe, they can’t use the injured Daniel Pacheco, while Gorosito is doubtful. The good news are that Jefferson Montero is now fit and ready to return in play.


In our football betting predictions we could say that Barcelona are the obvious favourte here, even away from home. How we said, they are very motivated to win La Liga again, so it would be surprising if Getafe find a way to stop them.


Armenia – Denmark

Armenia hosts Denmark in a match from Group E of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe. Here’s our examination of this match and our vip soccer predictions for it.


Armenia are currently 5th in Group E with 6 points being won from 6 games. They are really inconsistent in this group, which can be proved by their record so far – two wins and four losses. In their last five games Armenia achieved their two wins in the group, but also lost in the other three.


The Armenian team still have some chance to chase even the second place in the group, especially if they beat Denmark at home, but let’s be real – most probably they won’t achieve this goal. Second place is too much for them in this situation.


As for Denmark, they are currently third in the group with 10 points won. If we accept that Poland are most likely going to win this group, then Denmark and Montenegro are going to fight for the second place. Right now both of them have 10 points, so the fight is very much open at the moment.


In their last game the Danish team won its visit to Kazakshtan with 3-1. For them it was third game in a row without a loss. Denmark have three wins, one draw and two losses from six games played so far. Their goal difference is 10:6, which tells us that they hardly score goals, but also they rarely concede.


Denmark are the favourite in this game, but it’s always tricky to visit Armenia, so be careful with this one. Especially at home, Armenia are not a team to be underrestimated.


These were our vip soccer predictions for the match between Armenia and Denmark from Group E. Whatever you have decide, we wish you a good luck