A beautiful and a controversial goal helped Juve reach a 1/2-final

The Juventus team continues to defend the Italian Cup. Tonight the “bianconers” won a 2: 0 derby with Torino’s local enemy in the 1/4-final phase of the tournament. Massimiliano Allegra’s graduates reached the success of Douglas Kosta in the 15th and Mario Mandjukich in the 67th minute. The attack on the Brazilian was quite beautiful, while the Croatian was quite controversial because of a violation of Sami Kedera in the course of the attack, which was not judged by the judge, even after using the VAR technology. However, Juve’s success was completely deserved because the black and white players dominated the whole game and missed a bunch of great positions, and goalkeeper Vanya Milinkovic-Savic scored a few brilliant rescues to avoid being defeated.

Starter Eleven of “Old Lady” was missing today Gonzalo Iguaine, with the trio in attack being made by Douglas Kosta, Mario Manjukic and Paulo Diballa. In the middle of the pitch, the game was built by Bless Matthew, Miralem Pianic and Claudio Marquisio.

For Torino, the big missing today was Andrea Belotti, who was injured and did not even fall into the group. In his absence, the trio in the attack was Mbaie Niang, Jagi Falke and Alex Berenger. Afrie Acua, Thomas Rincon and Daniele Baselli started off in the middle of the pitch.

The first more dangerous attack on the match was Juventus, and in the 7th minute Miralem Pianic scored a shot that was saved by Vanya Milinkovic-Savic.

In the 15th minute the hosts came to the opening of the score. Torino’s defender did not clear the ball and she came to Douglas Kosta who, without any delay, volunteered her under the bar for 1: 0.

Torino could very quickly return to the match. Mbaie nienang was eyed in a free kick and struck from the left with a real cannonball. A minute later, Thomas Rincon shoots to Wojciech Shceši’s door, but the goalkeeper intervenes well and rescues.

In the 28th minute Juventus organized a new excellent attack. Douglas Kosta came to the left and returned to the invading position Paulo Diballa, who fired vigorously, but Milinkovic-Savic with a brilliant reflex saved.

In the 30th minute, the second time they sent the ball to the opponent’s door, but the attack was due to ambush Douglas Kosta.

In the 44th minute Paulo Diballa dribbled at speed and made a diagonal blow that went off the door.

At the start of the second half Juve continued to push and in the 52nd minute Kosta put a great pass on the ground for Mario Manjukic in the penalty area, but he narrowly missed the ball and missed an incredible chance to double the score.

In the 59 th minute, Blessed Matthewi received a brilliant pass in the keeper’s corner but his shot went just over the bar.

In the 63rd minute, Daniele Rugani was in the lead and headed the door but without hindering the opponent’s watch.

In the 67th minute, Juventus doubled its lead. Dibala’s pass attempt did not get, but a happy ricochet in a defender sent the ball to Mangkic’s legs, who advanced and cold-blooded the ball over the goal keeper for 2: 0. However, Turin’s players protested that there was a violation of Sami Kedera in the attack on the goal. Judge Daniele Doverie decided to look at the record, but even that did not convince him that he had to cancel the shot.

In the 74th minute, Paulo Diballa was put in the box, putting the ball into the back of the penalty area, putting the ball to the right side, but the ball went side by side.

In the 83rd minute, Gonzalo Iguain made an excellent goal opportunity. He flipped a defender and fired hard, but right in the hands of Milinkovic-Savic.

In the end, the victory went to Juventus and the team continued on the 1/2-finals where two meetings with Atalanta are expected to take place on January 31 and February 28.