An Englishman played for Barca for the first time from 29 years

Former Arsenal midfielder Marcus McGuain made a debut for Barcelona’s first team and became the first Englishman to have played for the Catalonian Grand in 29 years. McGuain appeared as a reserve in the friendly match for the Super Cup of Catalonia against the city’s rival Espanyol.

Gary Linneker is the last English player to play for Barca between 1986-1989.

19-year-old Marcus McGuain appeared in a game of Aleis Vidal in the 77th minute. The match, played on a neutral pitch in Leida, ended 0: 0 in regular time, and in the penalty shoot-out Barca won 4: 2.

McGuain, who plays the defensive midfielder, signed with Barcelona’s double on Jan. 30 after a decade in Arsenal’s school.

In the match against Espanyol Barcelona, ​​the game with reserves, the stars Messi, Suarez, Pique received a break.