Barca scored a goal after a goal in Sevilla and is already counting the matches to the title

Leader in Primera Barcelona recorded a noisy 5: 0 victory over Betis in a 20th round match. After a difficult first half time, the Catalan team left no doubt about their superiority and scored through Ivan Rakitic (59), Lionel Messi (64 and 80) and Luis Suarez (69 and 90). Barca is already leading 11 points in front of the second Atletico Madrid and 19 in front of the Real Madrid champion, who is playing less. Luis Suarez scored his 100th goal in La Liga for Barcelona after just 114 games.

Andre Gomes found a place in the starting 11 of Ernesto Valverde. Sergi Roberto entered the midfield in the absence of Andres Iniesta and Paulinho. Thomas Vermelen had a part of the game pitch and away for Gerard Pique. Sevilli were ranked 4-3-3 with Joaquin, Sergio Leon and Cristian Tejo in front.

Bettis – Barcelona + 11
The hosts started in a hurry and looked more often at the door of Mark-Andre Stegen. In the third minute, Rizza Dourmishi advanced to the left and centered dangerously. The Camp Nou players were wrong on the way and Andres Guardado made a very heavy blow as the ball went to satirites from the bar and went out. At the seventh minute the judge did not see well and dealt the Andalusian team, pointing out instead of a corner. In the 11th Pique stood at the right place and crossed a seeming goal shot.

In the 12th, the defender with number 3 dropped Joaquin, who headed too high by ten meters. The ball was a tough shot, just before the impact. “Los Verdiblancos” had more control over the ball. The leader in Primera approached patiently and rarely attacked Antonio Adan’s door. In the 25th minute Sergi Roberto slumped into the penalty area and struck a shot, sending the ball over the bar. The Spanish national could go to free Jordi Alba, but chose another.

Betis – Barcelona 0: 5 + 11
In the 27th, Ivan Rakitič tried a distant shot of about 23 meters – Adan was prepared and captured. In the second half of the half-time, the “los coules” had more control over the ball, and their rival decided to pull back and save effort. In the 31st Barca he organized a speed attack, Luis Suarez took the role of assistant and handed over to Messi, who shot from a difficult position and found the outside of the net. In the 39th, Vermelenne was injured in a sprint and had to leave the game at the expense of the recovered Samuel Umtiti.

The first good opportunity for the second part was created by the hosts. Fabian Ruis shot insignificantly in the 56th minute, Ter Stegen for a moment missed the ball but managed the situation. Three minutes later, the barcellons found the result. Luis Suarez saw space in the defense of Balompière and brought Raquitic in a great way. The Croat popped himself against the goal keeper and technically headed Adnan goalkeeper – 0: 1.

Betis – Barcelona 0: 5 + 11
Just five minutes later, guests took advantage of a new blatant mistake in protecting the “green-whites”. Fabian Ruis was backward and covered the ambush. Sergio Buscques took away, Messi received the ball alone against the goalie and did not hesitate to hit – 0: 2. In the 69th, Catalunya’s lead swelled to three clear goals. Rakitic centered to the penalty spot where Luis Suarez finished off with a nice blow from the air, sending the ball into the net – 0: 3.

In the 80th Sevilli’s defense, it is again acting unconditionally. Luis Suarez found the Messi in a wonderful way. The Argentine advanced, came into the penalty area, swung and then quietly sent the ball into the net as if there was no goalkeeper – 0: 4. It was La Laguna number 19 in the Primera Liga. In the 83rd Reserve, Gerard Deulofeuf failed to score from the goal after he missed the ball. In the 90th Suarez formed the final 0: 5 after assisting Messi.

Barca is already thinking about the defeat of the King’s Cup with Espanyol next Thursday. “Los Cules” lagged 0: 1 after the first match.