Barca slipped away a heavy draw by a red card

The leader in La Liga Barcelona retained the distance to the pursuers after a tough 2-0 win over their visit to Villarreal in a 15th round match. The Catalans were facilitated by a direct red card in the 60th minute, after which the defeat of Luis Suarez (72) and Lionel Messi (83) fell. Curiously, Barca’s second goal had a second ball on the pitch, though far from the situation. With this goal, the genius Argentine equalized Gerd Muller’s record for the most goals for a club playing in one of Europe’s major championships – 525 goals.

Ernesto Valverde once again placed a 4-4-2 with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez ahead. Paulinho and Dennis Suarez entered the midfield and Thomas Vermelen was a partner of Gerard Pique in the protective shaft. Sergio Asenho returned to the “yellow” door after months of injury treatment. Haiti Kaieha chose a 4-4-2 pitch with a diamond in the middle of the field and attackers Cedric Bakamby and Daniel Raba.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
The meeting started with a beam for Barca as early as the fourth minute. After a corner, Pike shook his head and aimed the crossbar. In the 11th minute, the Referee raised a controversial ambush of Roberto Soriano. Repetition showed that there was no ambush. In the 16th Soriano he shoots attractive from the air, and Marc-André ter Stegen made an impressive rescue with one hand.

In the 22nd Messi shot from a 21-meter foul, he searched for the corner of the wall, but Assenho was prepared and managed. The 26th Terter Steigen was again careful after Raba’s centering, in which Soriano reached out but did not play the ball. The shares of the submarine were quite sharp and often caused tensions at the door of the German watchman. In the 28th, the judge did not see how Hume Kosta pushed Luis Suarez with a bumpy ball.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7C 35th Dennis Suarez has twice mistakenly played the game for a great sequel. Three minutes later Leo falsified the ball from the rainbow and the ball passed half a meter to the side. In the 42nd “yellow” again created a danger, the ball was centered on the left, and Ter Stegen was just slain at the foot of Roberto Soriano. By the end of the half-time the goal did not fall, with the hosts having to regret more because they had the more acute situations.

The second half started at a fast pace. Barca’s attacks were largely devoid of creativity. In the 58th Jordi Alba centered, Asenho did not interfere well, and Pao Alcasser missed the ball a few seconds earlier. A minute later, the left back found Messi at the point of the penalty, the Argentine instantly sought the far corner and the ball licked the beam. In the 60th, the referee pulled a direct red card to Raba for dangerous entry with the buttons at Sergio Buscakes’ feet.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
The Catalan team is expected to settle in half the “yellow”. In the 67th Alba centered, Luis Suarez departed on the first beam and had a slap to hit the far beam. In the 70th, the familiar combination between Messi and Alba again threatened the hosts’ door. Leo found the Spanish national, he returned the ball to the penalty area, and after the instant jam, he knit on the outside of the net.

Villarreal – Barcelona + 7
In 72th, the pressure of “los blaugranas” brought a goal. Alcasser very finely knocked the ball for Luis Suarez who, against the goalie, decided to flip and a second later to score an empty goal – 0: 1. In the 76th Manu Trigeros scored a very good shot of 25 meters – Ter Stegen anticipated the direction and slaughtered. In the 81st, Messi yanked the ball for Luis Suarez, who failed to hit her well in the air.

A hundred seconds later La Pulga resolves the dispute with a second goal. Victor Ruis was wrong on the move, Messi received the ball, two defenders collided, the Argentine jumped against Asenho and matched him with a precise shot. The repetitions showed curiosity. During Leo’s goal on the pitch there was a second ball, though away from the situation.

Thus, the Catalans interrupted a series of two consecutive draws in the League. The next Barcelona meeting is next weekend when Deportivo La Coruña arrives at Camp Nou. After another week, it is the big fight with Real Madrid, set as a pre-gift for football fans.