Barcelona – Celta 1:1

Barcelona and Celta are playing 1-1 in the first half in a match in the 14th round of La Liga. Jagos Aspas scored for the guests in the 20th minute but only two later Lionel Messi leveled. In the 25th minute the judges did not take Luis Suarez’s goal out of a very controversial ambush position. The 31st Messi hit the beam.

The main figures in the home team led by Lionel Messi are back in the starting lineup. Six of them got a break in the past match against Murcia for the Cup of Spain and should now be in perfect condition. Ernesto Valverde reiterated Leo and Luis Suarez’s confidence in an attack, and Paulinho found a midfield position in the diamond. Sergi Roberto acts as a right back. The Catalans are leaders after 13 games, with no loss.

Celta presents itself at tides and is ninth in the table. The team from Galicia, however, is coming to Camp Nou with its dangerous assailants, Maximiliano Gomez, Pioneer Sisto and Jagos Aspas. John Guidetti is among the reserves.




The match started with a yellow card for Luis Suarez before the first minute. The Uruguayan dropped Sergi Gomez to the ground, wounding his shoulder. This also led to a replacement of the defender.

The guests staked a solid presence in front of their goalkeeper and calmly accepted the los coules attacks. In the early minutes, there were no dangers.

In the 20th minute, Celta’s players made a counter-attack with Aspas first out of ambush, and then sent the ball to the net after Mark-Andre Stegen had previously secured a goal after Max Gomez’s shot.

But the leader’s answer to the rankings was lightning. Two minutes later, Messi equalized with a shot between Ruben Blanco’s legs.

In the 25th minute there was a lot of discussion, in which Suarez was brought out on his own and supervised, but the side judge lifted the ambush flag. The repetitions saw that there was not one.

Barca’s pressure was already strong and in the 31st minute Messi shot in the beam.

In the 36th Paulinho was in the lead after a shot from a few meters, but the goalkeeper saved.