Bayern interrupted a bad series and started the year with a win

The start of the second half in the Bundesliga began with the defeat of Bayern Munich (Munich) to one of the stadiums most inhospitable to Bavaria. Against Bayer (Leverkusen), Jup Hainkes’s team made a 3: 1 lead, but there were also difficult moments after the break. Javier Martinez and Frank Ribery provided a good advance on the Munich Grand Prix, and Kevin Folland cut in the 70th minute, after which the “aspirins” could even catch up. At the end, however, the hosts got tired and a jealous performance of Hamers Rodriguez from a foul put a point of the dispute.

For Bayern, this is the first win of Bayerna in 2013. In his next three games as a guest of the former team of Dimitar Berbatov the German record holder did not win once and did not score a goal.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

The Bavarians now have a 14-point lead in front of the second Schalke 04, while Bayer is in 4th place but has suffered the first home loss of the season and broke his 12-game series without defeat in the Bundesliga.

The large absentees in Jup Hainkes’ squad were injured Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski, as well as Mats Hummel, who became a father and also missed the match. Sven Ulriah was at the door, and the four defenders in front of him were Rafina, Jerome Boateng, Niklas Zule and David Alaba. Javier Martinez, Arturo Vidal and Chames Rodriguez formed the trio in the middle of the pitch, veterans Arien Robben and Frank Ribery attacking the wings, and Thomas Muller at the top of the attack. New addition Sandro Wagner made a re-debut after the break.

Bayer’s coach Hajko Herlich bet on a three-defender chip stand with Jonathan Ta, Sven Bender and Wendell. Kevin Foleland was in the top position, and Kay Hawtherts and Julian Brant were just behind him. Rapid Carim Bellarabi and Leon Bailey were on both flanks.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

The duel began as expected, and Bayern sought a break in the defense of the aspirins with long-term play. There was no such thing, and the hosts’ press was encouraged by the Baiarera audience.

In the 4th minute Robben broke off to the right, overcame Ta and handed over to free Ribery. The Frenchman slowed down, and Belarabi blatantly blocked him before Vidal had committed a violation. Gradually Leverkusen equalized the game and attempted a few attacks, but without firing a shot at Ulrich’s door. At the 16th minute Vidal decided to surprise Bernd Leno from a very small angle. The German national, however, responded well and won the corner. The defensive attack also brought Leverkusen’s cleanest situation to the break. Dominique Coor increased the lead as he successfully challenged the guests’ central defenders, then slotted the ball into the bottom corner, giving the keeper no chance.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

In the middle of the half-time, Leno just watched as Chames fired powerfully from the border of the penalty area, but in that situation there was no goal. Bayern, however, took the lead in the 32nd minute. After a corner kick Arturo Vidal deflected the ball, the home defender did not clear it and Havi Martinez shot Leno.

In the minutes until the end of the half-time, Hainkes’ composition completely controlled the pitch. Chames was very confident in his actions, and Vidal and Martinez quickly frustrated the hosts’ attempts to organize dangerous attacks.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

Leverkusen definitely looked better after the game resumed. Bailey was up and Kevin Folland reached more balls. In the 54th minute, Brant’s big shot rebounded, but the ball went out. Seconds later Bailey easily eliminated Zule and technically transferred Ulrich, but for Bayern’s luck, the ball “landed” on the crossbar.

The Bavarians responded, and Muller was near the goal. The captain of the guests did a good job, but he did not get inside the door. In the 59th minute, Hamses handed over to Ribery, overcame his opponent and found the nearby corner of the door for 0: 2.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

Surprisingly, the second shot did not calm the Munich people, who started to get more and more mistakes. In a game for Bayer Benjamin Henricus and Lucas Alario appeared, which contributed to the offensive actions of the team to become significantly more interesting. In the 70th minute, Flander fired and rikked at Zule’s legs, defeating Ulrich, who had nothing to do. The intrigue returned, and the hosts felt they had all the chances of saving themselves from the first defeat of their stadium during the season.

In the 76th minute, one of the few mistakes of Havi Martinez could be expensive for Bayern. The lost ball in the middle of the field set off an excellent counter, but this time Foxand slowed and Boateng prevented him from equalizing.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

Chance also had Lucas Alario’s reserve, which made a great master kick in the far corner, but the ball went slightly above the beam.

Ten minutes before the end of a game for Bayern came Sandro Wagner, who came this winter from Hoffenheim. This was a repeat debut for the striker with the Bavarian team in 10 years.
Bayer (Leverkusen) – Bayern Munich (Munich) 1: 3 + 30

Despite their enormous desire, Herlich’s footballers depleted their physical strength and the last minutes were more relaxed for Bayern. Moreover, at the end of the regular time, Hamers Rodriguez won a penalty in the penalty area and his subsequent performance did not leave Leno 3: 1 and 3 points for the Bavarian machine.