Coutinho: For the rest of my life I will bring Liverpool in my heart

Barcelona’s new star Philippe Coutinho, who officially signed his contract with the Catalans yesterday, farewell to Liverpool supporters through an emotional letter posted on social networks. In it, the 25-year-old Brazilian expressed his hope that the fans of Merseyside will understand his decision, and he also assured that for the rest of his life he would bring Liverpool in his heart.

“Since my arrival in Liverpool, I and my family have been well received and created so many friendships.” We felt the beauty of this club and its fans, both on and off the pitch, and I hope I have brought memories in return moments that made the fans of Liverpool happy, coming to Liverpool, I knew about the greatness and history of the club, but what I felt during my stay was the unique heart and soul of this place, it has its own personality and character. I’m leaving Liverpool, because Barcelona is my dream .. Liverpool was also a dream I was able to accomplish, and to which I dedicated five years of my life, the career of the field did not last so long and I play for Barcelona, ​​as it was for Liverpool, it is something I want to try and enjoy it while I’m blessed to be able to do it I hope fans will understand that my choice to try something new does not mean that their importance as well as the importance of the club have diminished for me. Nothing could quench this in my heart. I wish Jurgen and the team only joy and success until the end of the season and then. This is an incredible composition that is getting better. There are so many people to whom I would like to thank, but I can not name everyone separately. At the headquarters that was part of my Liverpool life – I miss you. I would like to thank the owners who so diligently tried to bring success to the club; the selection team who believed me and brought me here, encouraging me during this trip; to my amazing teammates, former and current, who helped me to grow up and develop as a player and a person. Finally, I turn to the most important people in Liverpool – the supporters. I will never be able to thank you for what you gave me during that time, no matter in which part of the world I was. By the end of my life I will bring Liverpool in my heart. You, the club and the city will always be part of me. You’ll Never Walk Alone. “