Donaruma remains in Milan, costing 70 million.

Despite the controversial information of recent days, Milan’s bosses are convinced goalkeeper Gianluigi Donaruma will remain in the team. Sky Italia says the rumors that 18-year-old guardian Mino Raiola insists on canceling his contract are far from the truth. Rajola met with people from the Rossoneri leadership several times in November, and both sides are in good standing. The only disappointment of the malicious manager is that Milan has never included a release clause in Donaurra’s contract.

According to the Corriere della Sera, the situation is a bit different. The editorial confirms that neither the club nor Donaruma is willing to transfer it at this stage, but with regard to the ransom clause, Raiola himself insisted that he should not appear in the contract. The newspaper adds that Milan would still tend to split up with Jijo if they receive a bid of at least EUR 70 million. This is likely to happen if the team does not qualify for the Champions League and the club is forced to sell some of its current players. In Italy, the only option ahead of Donaruma is Juventus, but he does not look seriously at her. The offer may also come from Pari Saint-Germain, although in the French Grandpa they are offended by the youngster for his refusal to join them last summer.