Icardi clutched Croton’s thumbs

Inter lost Sassuolo with 1: 2 home in the 37th round of Serie A and no longer holds his fate in his own hands. Chances of “neradzuri” to finish fourth and play in the Champions League in the new season are already dependent on the result in the match between Krotone and Lazio.

Currently the fourth place is the Romans who have 71 points and a less game. Inter is fifth with 69. The victory for Croton or at least equal against Lazio will leave the question for the fourth place open to the direct clash between the “eagles” and “nerraduri” in the last round of “Olympiacos”.

“I’m upset. We wanted to win, but Sassuolo played perfectly. We started the season well, and then something happened and we lost momentum. However, I can say that I am proud of my performance in the season, which was the main goal of the Champions League.

I hope Cronet does not lose Lazio and give us the chance to determine who will play in the Champions League in a direct clash, “said Inter Mauro Icardi captain.