Liverpool has also begun negotiations with Marez

Liverpool’s leadership has contacted Leicester colleagues about the eventual transfer of Riyadh Marseil. The Algerian is one of the substitutes for Philippe Coettinho, whose transfer to Barcelona is a matter of hours. According to Team, Merseyside has contacted Lester on Friday. The position of the fox manager, Claude Puel, is that he does not want to break up with Marec until the end of the season. It is unclear, however, what Leicester’s decision will make.

In the summer, Marzek filed a transfer request, but he did not arrive. However, this did not affect the shape of the Algerian, who has been playing strong since the start of the season. Chelsea and Roma are interested in it. The summer closest to Marseau was Arsenal, and even then he was told he was also in Barcelona’s accounts.

The other player for whom Liverpool is negotiating is Toma Lomar of Monaco.