Milan – Lazio

Milan welcomes Lazio at the Stadio San Siro in a first 1/2-final from the Coppa Italia. Here are our soccer betting tips for today for this game in the city of Milan.

The goal in front of these two teams could be only one – reaching the final. Last night Juventus already a made a step in this direction, winning its first 1/2-final against Atalanta in Bergamo. This makes Juve a strong favourite for reaching the final. But who are they going to face?

Milan reached the 1/2-finals after eliminating Inter in the previous round. The two Milan giants played extra time at the San Siro and Milan won because of a goal by Patrick Cutrone. This is a difficult season for the Rossoneri, but a possible final for the Coppa Italia would give it some meaning. The club’s fans do not have many reasons to be happy lately, so every kind of joy would be good for them.

Lazio on the other hand reached the 1/2-finals after eliminating Fiorentina in the previous round. These two teams met at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and a single goal by Senad Lulic was enough for Lazio to win the clash.

During the 1/2-finals of the Coppa Italia the format changes. Now the teams will play two matches, which means that in the first one they have to be strategical about their performance. No one of them would like to lose the first clash, so maybe they are going to be more defensive than usual. Milan will try to have the edge as they are the home team here, but you can be sure that Lazio won’t allow them many opportunities for scoring a goal.

These are our soccer betting tips for today for the Coppa Italia match between Milan and Lazio.