Mourinho was again angry with journalists in England

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho once again angry with the British media at his press conference yesterday. The reason for this was the question of the scandal in the Old Trafford tunnel after the Manchester derby. The Portuguese first explained that what happened was a matter of differences in the behavior and education of the players of both teams, giving as an example the way his players celebrated their success against Arsenal of the Emirates. Then Mourinho tried to finish the subject, but there were several questions that were obviously annoyed.

The first was whether the Portuguese expects the club to be punished for the melee. The Special said, “Why? I think you work for another club, not for the media.”

Mourinho was then asked if he expects sanctions specifically for Romulus Lukaku, who allegedly threw a bottle of a person from City Headquarters. The manager replied: “You know how to proceed – you blame it, investigate, show the evidence and punish it.”

Journalists, however, continued to insist and asked Mourinho if he was sure that his players had behaved in the most appropriate way. Here the Portuguese said he was convinced of this, then got out of his place, thanked, and went out. On the way to the exit, the Special Court has accused journalists of not respecting Bournemouth, the players of this team and their manager Eddie Hau, as they have not asked any questions about the upcoming clash between the two Old Trafford teams.