New dramas with Barcelona want penalties for Pique and Buskets

Espanyol’s leadership has been seized by the Spanish Football League for talks and speeches by Barcelona and Barcelona fans about the 1/4 Finals for the Spanish Cup. “Los Cules” prevailed after a loss of 0: 1 in the first match as guests and a 2: 0 success on the rematch on Thursday. The fellow citizens, however, felt abusive and insisted on penalties for both the club itself and Gerard Picket and Sergio Buscakes.

From the ultrasound sector known as “Animación del Barça”, there have been heard chants such as “I hate espanol”, “Death for Espanole”, Bastard, “Parrot, you are Chinese,” “Remember that you are shit, “Kuchi sons” and others.

Pique was angry with his opponent after refusing to name him with his real name “Espanyol of Barcelona,” but instead called it “Espanyol of Cornelius” by the name of the suburb of Cornelius de Jorge, from where is the composition of Kicke Sanchez Flores.

Busquettes, on his part, expressed the perplexity that after the victory in the first game, Espanyol’s players were enjoying themselves as if they had already qualified. “After the 180 minutes, things will come to the end,” the midfielder had challenged before the Camp Nou battle.

From Espanyol they say that these words are incitement to aggression.