No “Golden Ball” is the goal for Leo Messi

Barcelona’s biggest star, Lionel Messi, is delighted with the team’s success since the start of the season and looks forward to the crucial battles in the spring. Last night he helped with a goal for eliminating Espanyol in the King’s Cup tournament, and today he took part in an ad event. Here’s what he commented:

For Team Presentation
For joy, things are doing well. Last night we had a hard test, but we managed to turn Espanyol and we are happy with the season’s development so far. Of course, there is still much left.

Winter Market
In our case, we wanted to take Philippe Coutinho and Jeri Mina in the summer. He left us Javier Mascherano, but another central defender came and that’s nice.

The style of Barca
Even when the new coach arrived, he was clear what he wanted from us, and we adjusted to his ideas. Overall, it was not much different than the way we played before. But we have become more stable in defense and we have high-class players who can decide the game.

The “Golden Ball”
I have already said that not the individual prizes are my goal, but all the trophies. I hope we will finish the campaign in the best possible way. We are on the right track.

I am calm. The coach is the decision maker. We talk, we are discussing things, and I have no problem with rotations in the composition. They are not a problem for other players.

What do you wish for?
Same as every season – win everything we can.