No surprise: Sevilla defeated the executioner of Real Madrid and is in the final

The team of Sevilla is the first finalist in the King’s Cup tournament. Andalusians beat Leganes 2-0 and in the trophy row they will face the winner of the Valencia-Barcelona couple. Vincenzo Montetella’s goals scored Joaquin Correa in the 15th minute and Franco Vasquez at the very end of the regular time.

Leganes delivered the big surprise in the quarterfinals when he eliminated Real Madrid, with victory in the middle of Santiago Bernabeu. Today, however, the guys of Assyr Garitano have created almost no problems for Sevilla and the early goal further calmed the hosts. Sevilla won the Cup for the last time in 2010 when he beat Atletico Madrid. The final will be played at the new stadium of the Wanda Metropolitano “mats” on April 21st.

The first game a week ago ended 1: 1 and Sevilli knew they would have a rival against them who did not bother to play on a foreign field. Ramon Sanchez Pichuan’s duel began with dangerous flank attacks on both doors. The guests were even more active, and Seville’s defense was inexplicable chaos.
In the 15th minute, however, no one was able to prevent Luis Muriel from breaking into the out-turn and handing over to Joaquin Korea, for whom he was easily able to find the result. The hosts crawled away and left Leganes’ initiative, relying on everything to do with counterattacks.

In the 40th minute, Muriel advanced and returned the ball to Banega, but after his shot Leganes defender defeated a bit in front of the goal. At the very end of the half-time, Sergio Escudero made a head-to-head shot, but a defender again in the green intervened and goalkeeper Neoreo Champaign did the job.
In the second part, Leganes was increasingly attacking dangerously. The few tense moments for Sergio Rico came after static positions, but Seville’s watchman handled them. After an hour, Muriel broke off and a few minutes before the penalty area was detained by a guest player, but the referee Javier Estrada Fernandez did not face a violation. Shortly thereafter, Champaign saved a powerful blow to Pablo Sarabia.

Sevilla did not even give the guests a chance to reach an equalizing goal. In the 89th minute Franco Vasquez defeated Leganes defender and with a powerful kick hit the ball under the beam for the final 2: 0.