No winner in the Sheffield Battle

The clash between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wells did not meet the expectations of the fans and ended without goals. “Blades” dominated most of the game, but in the end they had to thank Simon Murray for saving them from the loss of Bramble Lane.

Earlier this season, Wenzdhy lost 2: 4 to his home team and it was one of the games that showed that the “owls” were not ready for promotion in the Premier League. At the other end is the performance of the returning to the Championship United. Chris Wilder’s boys have the third best attack in the division and are in the Playoffs area.
No winner in the Steel City derby + 30

The Steel City Derby started with several sharp attacks on both doors. The hosts wagered mostly in long shots, and Wendy was counting on long-handed forward Lucas Joao and Jordan Rhodes. In the middle of the half-time, a good chance of a goal was opened in front of the midfielder Ross Wallace, but he fired out.

After the break, both goalkeepers showed the class. Particularly impressive was the rescue of the blade guard, Moore, who knocked Adam Reach into a corner shot. At this time the guests were already with a lesser player after defender Glen Lovens received a red card in the 64th minute.
No winner in the Steel City derby + 30

After the draw, Sheffield United took sixth with 43 points and Wenzdie’s team, led by his new manager, Yos Lughuy, was only 15, 12 points behind the blades.

The convincing leader in Championship is Fulham with 61 points, followed by Derby County with 47, Cardiff City and Bristol City with 47 and Aston Villa with 44.