Pep does not underestimate the revenge, City is in the final

Manchester City seamlessly qualified for the League Cup final in England after defeating the sensation in the Bristol City tournament for the second time. After the difficult success of Etihad Stadium with 2: 1, which came with Sergio Aguero’s goal in the added time, today the “citizens” imposed 3: 2 and during their visit to the team from the Championship. Aguero was again among the top scorers, and other hits for Josep Guardiola’s squad scored Leroy Sane and Kevin de Bourget.

Bristol City sometimes hampered his rival, but the difference in the class was obvious. The Red Bulls made Marlon Pack in the 64th minute and Aiden Flint in the 94th. With 2: 2 the hosts needed another goal to get extras, but immediately after the center of Man City attacked and De Bourne put a point in the dispute.
Bristol City made a remarkable raid to the semi-finals, eliminating four elite teams – Watford, Stoke City, Crystal Palace and Manchester United. In this way, Bristol City failed to reach a final in one of the tournaments for the first time in 109 years.

Guardiola set up a rather strong line-up with the names of Aguero, Bernardo Silva, Kevin de Bourget, David Silva, Leroy Sane and Fernandinho. Claudio Bravo received a chance at the door, and the captain was the talented Ukrainian Oleksandr Zinchenko, who acted as a left back. The other three “skyscrapers” were Kyle Walker, Nicholas Otamendi and John Stones. Host manager Lee Johnson had some staff problems, and his team was not in the best form of winning none of his last 6 games. Bobo Reed’s lead attack led the Josh Brownhill and Jamie Patterson. The right back was Cory Smith, who scored the famous goal in the last minute in winning over Manchester United in the previous round of the race.

From the very first minutes, “citizens” settled in the opposing half, and Sane’s breakthroughs caused panic among Bristol City’s defenders. Aguero was closest to the goal in the first quarter of an hour, but after trying to center the ball described a strange parabola and broke the beam.
Shortly the Bristol hosts managed to bring the game to a higher position, but in the middle of the half-way, City again took the lead, and it was hot at the door of Luc Sty. In the 23rd minute, Zinchenko’s dangerous strike kicked past the beam, and shortly after, Fernandinho kicked inaccurately from a distance.

In the 40th minute break of De Bodey was stopped at the last minute, but the guests still led before the break. This happened in the 43rd minute after an unforgivable mistake by Hjordur Magnuson. The experienced defender tries to guard the ball but Bernardo Silva does not give up and takes it to the outfit itself. There was a pass to Sane, and a blow that splinter Aiden Flint could not kill.
Immediately after the start of the second half, Bristol City’s bracelet guard saved Aguero, but in the 50th minute Argentine’s class silenced Ashton Gate. A perfect counter-attack, organized by De Bourne, delivered the ball to Aguero and his shot at the diagonal was flawless.

Guardiola’s footballers had other positions, but the housekeepers started to attack more boldly. In the 54th minute Bristol City narrowed down with a perfect shot of Marlon Pack. The whole combination was very good – from the centering to the packing of Pak and his passing shot with a head that caught the unprepared Claudio Bravo.
After the goal, the “citizens” reacted, and Kyle Walker’s breakthrough almost led to Flint’s own goal. The guests continued to control what was happening on the pitch, and Lee Johnson’s footballers had no strength. At the very end of the game, Daniello and Ilkay Gundogan made serious oversights at the front of the hosts.

In the fourth minute of the added time, the hosts flattened the “defense” to Bravo and Flett’s close goal. However, the frail hopes of the Redheads for sequels were ruined by De Broene’s attack on the attack. Manchester City’s rival in the trophy dispute will be the winner of the pair Arsenal – Chelsea. The first match between London’s rivals ended without goals and the rematch was tomorrow at Emirates.