Simeone explained who was the key to victory over Roma

Atletico (Madrid) senior coach Diego Simeone said the increased effectiveness in the final phase was key to winning 2-0 against Roma in the Champions League. The Spaniards achieved an important victory that left them with minimal chances to continue the Group C round-eight. That is why they have to win their last match as a guest of Chelsea, but they also have to rely on outsider Karabakh not to lose from Roma in the Italian capital.

“This game was important, and we played it actively, although frankly the game did not differ much from our first meeting in Rome, just this time we have increased our efficiency in the realization of our positions. so Antoine also made a terrific assault on Gamayor, with whom we doubled our advances, and I think we started to win the game before his start, when our fans began to chant the names of Grizzman and the remaining these guys. The players responded with their hearts, they gave everything until the end. Our victory was needed and we have achieved, “said Simeone.

“I am always optimistic, I know my players, they are proud boys and they will give it all while there is a chance.” We had to win today, now we need success against Chelsea and we will see what Roma will do. For example, we could win in Rome, as well as here against Karabakh, “he added.