World Champion: Messi to keep watch for the World Cup

The World Champion of 1986 Argentina’s Oscar Rugueur thinks that Alberta superstar Lionel Messi should ask his bosses in Barcelona to put him on vacation so far to keep his World Cup for this summer.

“Do you think Barcelona will lose the title in Spain if Messi does not play anymore? He can call the President of Barcelona (Josep Barthomeu) and tell him: “This is my World. I’m going to get to the national team, “and handed it over to Jorge Sampaoli,” is the former Real Madrid defender to Fox.

El Cabezon argues with the Gauchoos decision in 1986. to begin with their preparation earlier.

“Before Mexico ’86, we gave 65 days to concentrate. We gathered together 65 days before the World Cup. What do you think the rest will do, knowing that Messi has given up the World so early? “He added.