A former Barcelona player takes over Bosnia and Herzegovina

50-year-old Meho Kodro will be appointed as coach of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national football team, several media reported in the former Yugoslav Republic. Kodro is preferred to several experts in the country and to the former Yugoslavia because of the expectations to bring a new breath to the team and to impose young players.

At the moment, the former striker is coach of Swiss Second Serbian (Geneva), who is in second place but is fighting for entry into the country’s elite league.

Kodro must complete the negotiations with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina within a few days and end its relations with Servet (Geneva).

Born in Mostar and former local footballer, Mehmo Kodro made a name for European soccer in Real Sociedad, with 129 games and 73 goals. For a long time he worked as a coach in the club of various teams, and in 2008 he was also a national coach. His son Kenan Kodro also plays as a striker at the German Mainz ’05 elite club.