A third-division team won a draw at “Bernabeu”

Spain, Europe and the World Real Madrid continues to play unconvincingly, failing to win home tonight against Fuenlabrada’s third-side team in a match rematch from the 1/16-Cup final of the 2-2 finals. The “Whites” came to the next stage thanks to their 2: 0 success as a guest a month ago. Tonight, Real Madrid was half-empty on the bench, Real Madrid, with a 0-1 draw on the break, then with two goals on Borha Mayoral (63 and 70). At the end, the guests came to a prestigious and deserved equality.

Real Madrid – Fuenlabrada + 4Keyor Navas returned to the Los Merengues door after recovering from injury. Zinedine Zidane bet on a number of reserve footballers and boys from the school. Borja Mayoral led the attack, helped by Francus and Oscar. Nacho Fernandez and Tehero were in the center of the defense.

The guests from the Madrid suburb started very hurriedly and horribly. In the fifth minute, the third-division team had an excellent first-goal chance. Ugo Fryle received the ball on land five meters from the goal, but shot inaccurately without being disturbed. In the eighth, Kayor Navas reflected Matthew’s fuss.

Real Madrid – Fuenlabrada + 4
Visible white players played more relaxed, difficulty organizing their game and often crackling in defense. That was the 25th minute when the Costa Rican guard had to take the ball out of his net. Miyaha shot 22 meters away, Navas had no good visibility but could definitely intervene better. The goalie knocked the ball into the crossbar, and then she landed in the net – 0: 1.

Almost immediately after the goal there were controversial positions in the two penalty fields. First, they had doubts that Theo Hernandez did not commit a violation. Franco then shoots dangerously, and the ball meets Juan’s hand – the judge thought it was a corner. At the end of the half-time los blancos hit in search of a shot. Marcos Yorente shoots in the goal range, and in the 44th Danny Sebajios fired a little over the bar.

The second part started with a more ambitious game for the hosts. Real went ahead in search of a goal, but it was hard to hit. The guests did not give up and also attacked at every opportunity. In 57th Ismail was dropped to the first beam and pointed to the nearby beam – Keelor ‚Äč‚ÄčNavas responded adequately and slaughtered. In the 60th centimeter, Fuenlabrada was second. Kata Diaas shot his head and found the cross beam.

In the 62nd Gareth Bale appeared in the game and made the difference with his first touch. The Welsh centered in a brilliant way with an outer rebate to the far beam, where the uncovered Borha Mayoral pointed. The ball hit the top beam, thumped in front of the goal, then knit in the net – 1: 1.

Seven minutes later the European king made a complete turn. Again at the base of the goal was Bale. Welsh was behind the defense, but in the pass, but in practice the hand came after a ricochet by a defender of the “blue”. The Welsh took a fifth, the goalkeeper saved, but with the addition, Majoror held his chest and shot right in the lower right corner – 2: 1. In the 89th, the guests reached leveling. Portia was dropped ten yards ahead of the door. His first stroke was saved, and the second ball fell into the net for 2: 2.