AC Milan fans want Bonucci to be sold

Should Leonardo Bonucci be sold? This question set the authoritative edition of “Calcimercat” to fans of Milan. The defender arrived at Giuseppe Meazza with great expectations from Juventus last summer. The Rosoneries paid 40 million euros to secure his services, and then he got the captain’s bar. So far, however, the Italian national in no way justifies his voted confidence.

In recent weeks, it has been increasingly pronounced that Bonucci can be sold already during the winter break. Interest in him is not lacking, with Manchester City, Chelsea and Pari Saint-Germain lining his signature.

That is why Calçoomerato sought the opinion of the Tifos of Milan on this matter and at the moment the moods are quite eloquent – over 65% of the voters said that the defender should be sold while about 34% of the opposite opinion and they want it to stay with Giuseppe Meazza.