Arsenal will not be in a hurry with the choice of Wenger’s successor

Arsenal will not be in a hurry to choose the successor to legendary manager Arsene Wenger, who today announced he is retiring after 22 years in favor of “gunners”.

“We need to make accurate but not quick choices,” said Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazzidis.
68-year-old Wenger brought three Premier League titles and seven FA Cup trophies in the Arsenal showcase, twice bringing Londoners to a double. In recent years, however, the club has lagged behind the leaders, prompting dissatisfaction among the fans and spontaneously sparking a demand for the Frenchman’s resignation.

Gazzidis hinted that it could be a surprising appointment of a little-known specialist as well as in 1996 with the attraction of Wenger.

“I’m not saying that will happen, but we will surely find the right person,” added Gazzidis.
According to the BBC, Italians Carlo Ancelotti and current manager of Celtic Brendan Rogers are favorites.