Barca destroyed with a total score of 8:0

The three-time winner of the King of Barcelona Cup easily overcame his first obstacle in the tournament. On their 118th birthday, the Catalans removed the third-division Murcia in the Phase 1/16-final with a total score of 8: 0. This evening, Ernesto Valverde’s boys won the 5: 0 championship at Camp Nou after five different top scorers: Paco Alcasser (16), Gerard Picket (56), Aleis Vidal (60), Dennis Suarez (73) and Arnais (79) .

Barcelona – Murcia + 11Enesto Valverde put up a stock with a lot of reserves showing the name of the key figure Gerard Pique. Alejand Vidal, Paco Alcasser and Gerard Deulofeuf led the “blue-red” attack.

The meeting started with expected domestic pressure. “Los Cules” was knocking in front of Alejandro Santo’s penal field and tightening the ring. In the seventh minute “los blaugranas” developed a great action on the left, ending with a blocked strike of Dennis Suarez from the 15th meter.

The 16th Catalans found the result. Deulofeu and Vidal played in the penalty area, defender defeated, but on Alcaner’s head, who scored with ease. In the 19th Barcelona team failed to double their lead. Deulofeu did not hit the ball well when the door in front of him was empty. After the fall of the pace, the ball moved to the half of the Mussian team, but without any sharpness.

Barcelona – Murcia + 11
In the second half Barca continued to crush his rival. In the 56th Pique doubles with a foot following the arrival of Alade Vidal. Number 3 was an attacker, with his back to the door and played with Vidal for 2: 0. In the 60th, Vidal himself stretched the net. A footballer who played as a right wing today scored a nine-meter head after Nelson Semedo’s centering. In the 68th Vidal centers in front of the small penal field to Arnais, whose strike was blocked.

Barcelona – Murcia 5: 0 + 11
The Golan’s recitation of the Catalonians continued. In the 73rd after the break, Sergei Roberto brought brilliantly Dennis Suarez, who technically sent the ball to the diagonal. In the 79th and youngster Arnais scored after a dagger shot to the left corner of the goal keeper – 5: 0. In the 82nd Deullofeu took his ball too long otherwise it would almost certainly be a new goal.

The draw for the 1/8-finals is on Tuesdays and everyone can fall against everyone.