Barca has fun noisy before Bernabeu’s bout

Leader of Primera Barcelona did not surprise and defeated 4-0 Deportivo La Coruña in a 16th round match played against 53,607 spectators at Camp Nou. Luis Suarez (29 and 47) and Paulinho (41 and 75) were right for “los blagranas”. Lionel Messi struck three beams and dropped a penalty, being really hunted by a slaughter. Overall, the Catalans had a total of four beams, and there was a doubt about a situation where it was not clear whether the ball went all the way behind Deportivo’s goal. Next Saturday, Barcelona hosts Real Madrid’s champion as a “cherry on the cake” for the calendar year 2017.

Sergio Buscques was left in reserve so he did not risk his participation in the duel with Real Madrid due to accumulated cards. Paulino took off his position as a midfielder. Paco Alcasser was given a chance at the top of the attack to Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. Lucas Peres led the guests attack, supported by Carles Hill, Emre Cholak and Adrian Lopez.

Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña + 24From the start of the game, Messi showed his new “Golden Boot” for a top scorer in Europe since last season. In the third minute Leo got a chance to find the result. Luis Suarez handed over to Andres Iniesta to the right, who returned to the penalty for the Argentine, but he did not point exactly, sending the ball over the beam. In the sixth, the ball was in Depor’s net, but after a clear ambush of Paco Alcasser, reported by the referee.

In 14th Jordi Alba found Messi at the border of the penalty area, La Pulga fired without delay, but did not particularly impede Ruben Martinez’s watch. In the 23rd Ernesto Valverde forced Alcasser to replace Alice Vidal. The latter played to the right, and Iniesta moved to the left. In the 27th Sergi Roberto broke to the right, Suarez gave to Messi, who surrounded the defense and found a gap for a shot. The goalkeeper managed to kill.

Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña + 24
At the same minute, Alejand Vidal had a great chance to score, but after a blow from the air Martinez anticipated the direction and knocked over the beam. The 29th Catalonians reached the goal. Iniesta very smartly knocked out the ball and led out Messi jumped from second position, who passed in parallel to the goal to Suarez, who easily scored – 1: 0.

Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña + 24
In the 37th Marc-André Ter Stegen took a brilliant counter for the hosts. The German watchman threw the ball in his hands, Messi ran almost all the terrain, and turned left to Suarez, who instantly gave it back. There followed a powerful strike of the Argentine of 16 meters, in which the ball shook the crossbar. In the 41st Barca scored a second goal. Messi again shook the bar after a good 15-meter jump, and Paulinho overtaken Sydney and found the net – 2-0.

In the 45th Messi returned from the outing for Luis Suarez. The first shot of the 9th was saved by the goalkeeper, and in the new experience the Uruguayan performed at an attractive angle from a small angle and inches from the goal. The goalkeeper knocked the ball, but did not see well if it crossed the goal with its full volume. The Referee decided that he had no goal and brought in the wrath of Suarez and Messi.

Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña + 24
At the beginning of the second part the Catalonians made 3: 0. Risor’s guests were not ready to center on Sergi Roberto’s right side to the second beam. Luis Suarez slipped to the edge of the ambush and pointed at the net. In the 52nd, the Referee raised a lot of controversial ambush of Lucas Perez, who leapt to Ter Stegen. After the third goal Loss Blaugranas lowered the pace to save power.

Barcelona – Deportivo La Coruña + 24C 67th Messi has a third beam, this time after a direct free kick. Within the same minute, Leo had a new opportunity and shot powerfully past the beam in the off. A minute later, Suarez was taken alone against the goalkeeper, he started to flip it, but was overtaken by the guard. The 69th Uruguayan shooter was stranded in the penalty area and Judge Matthew Laos pointed to the white point. Messi, however, failed to realize the penalty and allowed goalkeeper Martinez to kill.

In the 75th Barca he is holding another strong attack – Suarez handed Alba to the left, which hit the nearby beam, and Paulino was again in the right place for his second goal – 4: 0. In the 80th, Alice Vidal pulled out Messi and he shot along the nearby beam. Four minutes later the Uruguayan picked a punch instead of a pass to number 10, and the ball ran out.

Barca won convincingly, gathered confidence and saved the big clash with Real Madrid on Dec. 23. Interestingly, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo enter this duel with an equal number of goals for 2017 – 53. The Catalans have already accumulated 25 beams since the start of the season.