Barcelona silenced Bernabeu with a classic and turned away Real Madrid

The Barcelona team suffered a heavy defeat to Real Madrid’s rival after a 3-0 victory in the white “Santiago Bernabeu” in a duel of the 17th round of the Primera Division. With victory, the Catalan team took a deadly 14-point lead in front of the champion who has a lesser match. The first half passed under the dictation of the European kings, but ended without any hits. After the break, Luis Suarez (54), Lionel Messi (64) and Alice Vidal (90 + 3) were horrified by the Mardiys. Real played in the last half hour with a man less after a decent red card from Daniel Carvahal.

Barcelona has recorded the historic third consecutive triumph of Bernabeu, something unseen by the rivalry of the two colossus. Leo Messi scored his 25th goal against Real, further increasing Alfredo di Stefano’s second goal (18).

Unexpectedly, Zinedine Zidane left Isko on the bench and bet on Matteo Kovacic in search of a more stable midfield. Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema led the “white” assault. Thomas Vermelen was partnering Gerard Pique in the center of the “blue-red” defense. Paulinie came in the middle of the pitch in a 4-4-2 with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez ahead.

Real Madrid – Barcelona + 59
The meeting started with a more active game of the hosts. In the second minute Cristiano Ronaldo sent the ball into the net but with an ambush flag. After a corner kick, the ball was deflected, and the Portuguese was left in a clear ambush. The Los Merrenges pressed high and seriously hampered their rival when the ball was removed.

Real Madrid – Barcelona + 59
At the seventh minute the side referee lifted Louise Suarez’s ambush. In the tenth, the first real hazard of the game appeared. Tony Kroos blew to the left and cleverly returned to the point where the uncovered Ronaldo swung but did not hit the ball. Then Andres Iniesta threw himself into a self-defeating sword, where he took a serious blow from Carvalhal.

Real Madrid – Barcelona + 59
In the 15th and 17th minutes, Benzema and Paulinho went through passes in the penalty boxes. In the 21st European kings set up a speeding action, Modric looked for Ronaldo to the left, who instead of returning to the penalty for the Croatian detention, then was blocked at the jump. In the 30th, Messi scored a magical passport to the included Paulinho. The Brazilian jumped himself against the goalie and instantly pushed the ball out of the air, but Kayor Navas winced with one hand.

Real Madrid – Barcelona + 59
A minute later, Ronaldo sprinted the ball to the left and chose a shot from a small angle – Marc-André ter Stegen was careful and kicked. In the 34th Cristiano broke off to the right and handed over to Benzema, who failed to strike closely. In the 39th Catalonians developed a nice attack on the left, Messi centered on the first beam, where Paulinho shoots with his head – Navas killed in the corner.

In the 42nd Marcelo passed to Benzema, who overtook static Vermelen and hit a dangerous 10-meter head but was not lucky – a beam. The half-time ended with Messi’s shot at the wall, and in particular at Ronaldo’s head. Overall, Madrid played harder before the break, the action was almost entirely in the Los Cules field but lacked the exact ending.

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0: 3 + 59
The Camp Nou players mastered the ball at the start of the second half. “Los Blancos” started more tightly and waiting for their opponent. In the 50th minute Sergei Roberto made a mistake, and Gerard Picke made the mistake just before Ronaldo. In the 53nd Jordi Alba advanced to the left and returned to Luis Suarez, who shot low to the near corner – Navas plunged and caught.

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0: 3 + 59Minute later Barca took the lead. Sergio Buscakes played a key role in keeping the ball in front of his field. He gathered a bunch of footballers and found a gap to Ivan Rakitic. The Croatian literally got a sparrow from the “white” and pulled up to the penalty area, where he put aside for Sergi Roberto and he assisted Luis Suarez, who scored from his easy position – 0: 1.

In the 62nd Catalonian team built a new dangerous assault, where Paulinho was shooting shyly instead of leaving for Rakitic. In the 63nd Messi very cleverly led Luis Suarez and he was unable to overcome Navas from eye to eye. The attack continued, Paulinho shooting his head, and Carvalhal playing as a goalkeeper, deliberately rescuing his hand. Judge Sanchez Martinez decided to score a penalty and give a direct red card, although a second after the game with a hand the ball passed the goal. Messi missed the white point – 0: 2.

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0: 3 + 59
Zidane filled the gap with Nacho Fernandez, removing Benzema. Later Gareth Bale and Marko Asencio were also in play for the “white”. In the 1970s, Navas coped with Messi’s insidious low-pitched diagonal. The 73st hosts claimed a penalty. Sergi Roberto put his hands behind his back and spun around as the ball hit his right hand. The judge did not see any grounds for a penalty.

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0: 3 + 59В The 78th in front of Bale was an excellent goal opportunity. He shoots from a difficult position of seven meters – Ter Stegen showed a class again and slapped his hand. A minute later, the German goalkeeper missed the ball at Bale’s blow, but caught her before Marcello reached her. The 80th barcelona player built a nice attack on the right, the reserve Nelson Semedo was drawn against the goal but lost the direct battle with the Costa Rican guard.

In the 82nd hosts made new claims to play by hand, but they did not have any special reasons to do so. Seconds later, Ramos shot from a small angle, but did not find a gap – Ter Stegen slapped his shoulder. At the end the events unfolded at the door of Navas. In the 93rd minute Aleis Vidal form the final 0: 3. Repetition showed that the ball had left the terrain before the attack.

Barca drew serious in the ranking for the end of 2017. The Catalans have scored 14 points in front of Real Madrid and 9 at Atletico Madrid.