Benevento hosts Genoa

Benevento hosts Genoa in a match from the 37th round of the Italian Serie A. Let’s have a look at this match in our predictions football 1×2.

Benevento lost their place in the Serie A. They are 20th in the Calcio with 18 points and a record of 5 wins, 3 draws and 28 losses. They turned out to be one of the weakest teams in the Serie A history. The Witches were just not ready to play in the Serie A and it became obvious for everyone. Now they are going to return to Serie B and maybe they will try once again to get back in the Serie A.

In their last five games Benevento won once, made two draws and suffered two defeats. In the previous round they were beaten by SPAL away from home.

Genoa on the other hand are 11th in the Serie A with 41 points won. They have a record of 11 wins, 8 draws and 17 defeats since the beginning of the campaign. There was a time when Genoa were in a serious danger, but they managed to improved their performance and to get back on their feet. Now they are in the middle of the table and they are calm about their future, already thinking about next season.

In their last five games Genoa won twice and suffered three defeats, including against Fiorentina in the previous round. They could lose one or two places in the league until the end of the season, but it won’t matter very much for them.

These are our predictions football 1×2 for the Serie A game between Benevento and Genoa. Whatever you have decided about this clash, we wish you good luck. We can conclude that Genoa are slight favourites here, but Benevento have the home ground advantage.