Bonuci: Excellent start of the year

Milan defender Milanardo Bonuci turned into a hero for his team, bringing his first victory in 2018. The captain of the Rossoneri scored a rather courageous goal for the 1-0 victory over Krotone. After the meeting, he did not hide his joy, saying it was an excellent start to the new year.

“People have been asking me for a while when I’m going to score my first goal for Milan and that’s what happened. Most importantly, we showed a spirit in the first half, and at the end we were suffering together to keep the score. The new year could not have started in a better way. The team wanted to go up. The victory over Inter for the Cup has given us confidence. It seems that we are more likely to take risks. There is still room for improvement, but the fans believe in us, and we have to pay them properly, “Boncus says.