Bonuci: We were too frightened and nervous

Milan defender Leonardo Boncuci thinks his team was too frightened and nervous and made too simple mistakes in the first match with Arsenal from the 1/8-final in the Europa League. “Gunners” won 2: 0 on Giuseppe Meazza and are in excellent position before the rematch.

“We were acting too frightened and nervous in the first half We will use this game to gain experience The second game will be quite tough but everything can happen in football We can not get away when we do not defend or attack as we did not find the right building Arsenal was moving the ball fast If we show the attitude of the second half in London we have a chance Today we lack the courage and responsibility, both in keeping the ball and in stopping the rival attacks. the second half we stood at We did a lot of mistakes and we were too nervous We played a bold one in the second half It’s just what we need in a similar game, but we have a chance for Danny Welbeck to make a mistake. “We have allowed two avoidable goals,” said Bonucci.