Brugge – Standard Liege

Club Brugge hosts Standard Liege in a rematch from the 1/2-finals of the Belgian Cup. We are going to present you our winning soccer predictions for this clash.

This is really an uphill battle for Club Brugge, after losing the first leg to Standard with 1-4. It was a devastating loss for Brugge, which makes Standard Liege almost surely a finalist in the competition. Of course, Brugge still have a theoretical chance to overcome the deficit, but it’s going to be a real shocker to see this happen.

The first match between these two sides ended as a pure nightmare for Club Brugge. Renaud Edmond scored a hattrick for Standard and after 82 minutes of play, the result was 4-0 in favour of Standard. Matej Mitrovic scored a late goal for Bruggle, which at least gave his team some theoretical chances of overcoming this result.

In the Belgian First Division A Club Brugge are leaders and #1 contenders for the title, while Standard are 9th in the league standings. This is why the result in the first leg is really surprising. Club Brugge are arguably a better team than Standard, so it’s unexplainable how they could suffer such a heavy defeat. But this is why football is a great game – because things like this happen all of the time.

Now Club Brugge have a really hard task in front of them. A 3-0 win will qualify them for the final, but it won’t be easy. Standard Liege are riding the wave after their win in the first leg, so they will play with a lot of confidence in Brugge.

These are our winning soccer predictions for the Belgian Cup 1/2-final rematch between Club Brugge and Standard Liege. We wish you a good luck, whatever you have decided!