Chelsea with a new offer for Barclays and a strange quest for an assailant

Chelsea made a new offer for Everton midfielder Ross Barkley who surprisingly refused a transfer to Stamford Bridge at the very end of the summer transfer window. This time, however, the deal will be brought to a successful end. According to the media, this can happen today, as Londoners will pay 15 million pounds for the 24-year-old player. It is alleged that Barclay, whose contract with Everton expires at the end of the season, is in London yesterday.

According to Stamford Bridge’s Daily Mail, they have also made a surprising request to West Ham for striker Andrew Carl, whom Antonio Conte wants to rent as an alternative to Alvaro Morata. A few days ago Chelsea’s manager said the other striker in the Mishi Batshuai team could leave if he is not satisfied with his status as a reserve. The Daily Mail says Chelsea representatives have even met with Carl’s agent. However, David Mose’s manager of the hammers was opposed to such a transfer.