Clop: It is impossible for a Liverpool player to leave as Alexis Sanchez

Liverpool manager Jurgen Clop is convinced that a player of Merseyside would not leave Anfield in the same way as Alexis Sanchez is expected to do. The Chilean striker has to move from Arsenal to Manchester United in the near hours.

“No Liverpool footballer would have gone to another Premier League team during the season. So I see the loyalty of the players. We have not been together for 10 years. We are not at the beginning, but still things are fresh and we are on the right track, we are in the right direction. I know we are far from being perfect, but we are on the right track, “said Clapton, quoted by Liverpool Echo. “This does not mean that players can not leave the club, but we have to make sure that it is not often that a player wants to leave the club when we want to keep him. But part of the business is to sell or want to sell players, “continued Clop.

“I know Alexis Sanchez might be going from one club to another. But you ask me about Liverpool – I do not see our player who would do that now. This is not criticism of Alexis. He is a fantastic player and apparently wants to leave the summer, but then it did not happen, and now it seems more likely, “the German said.

Asked if he is confident that a Liverpool footballer could not leave Anfield in the same way to sign a big club from England, Clop was categorical. “I’m not just confident – I know it’s impossible. No player here is going to say, “OK, in the middle of the season I’ll go there or there.” I really can not see this situation. ”

“It’s just my feeling, I have no written contract with the players that they will not, but that’s my feeling,” said Clop.