Clop: It is unlikely that we will attract anyone to the closure of the window

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop did not give much hope to fans of the team that they could see more new names for Anfield until the end of the winter transfer window. Until now, Milsissadians have won Virginie van Dine, but then split with Philippe Coutinho and supporters have been expecting a good quality player to take on the Brazilian side. The name of Toma Lomar from Monaco is often mentioned, but today Clop said it is unlikely that such a massive transfer will be made by the end of the month.

“This is not very likely, would I say 100% of it?” “That would mean putting an end to all the rumors, and I do not want to do it.” We have to have fun in the next few days, “said Clope with a smile on his face .

For the upcoming fight with West Bromwich in the FA Cup tournament, Liverpool manager has revealed that Simon Mignole and Danny Inggs will start as champions, Daniel Sturridge, who has been contacted for transferring to another club, will also return to play.