Clop: We will not risk Salah

Jurgen Clop will not take any risks with Liverpool’s top scorer Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian suffered an injury during the Manchester City Champions League match after he scored a goal and made a 3-0 assists to the Merseyside success. But he left the field at the start of the second half and his chances of playing in the tomorrow’s derby with Everton are not great.

“We will do our best to restore it. There are 23 hours, we’ll see what happens. I will not let him go because he’s a derby. I would never do that. I do not think our fans would like to. If there is any doubt, he will not play. If it is not 100%, it will not participate. But I will not give him a break if he is healthy. We’re used to playing in three days” Clop said.

The German manager also commented on the situation before the City Anfield match when the citizens’ bus was attacked by Liverpool fans. It was subsequently discovered that after the match the guest coach stopped to help a host of the host.

“Stopping City Bus after the match is a perfect example of how things should be done. What Man’s Health Headquarters has done is exceptional. I have to apologize again for what happened before the fight. It’s so weird because we went through the crowd and the feeling was fantastic, it was passion. We arrived at the stadium, and the first thing I heard was about the attack on Man City’s bus. That spoiled everything. Because of a few idiots, it probably will not happen again. That changed everything, “said Clop.

Danny Inggs is likely to be among the Everton champions tomorrow. ‘Danny is here and is in good shape. I can not guarantee you, but it will not seem bad if he starts as a champion in the attack tomorrow. For me it is a great opportunity to prove yourself in such a game” the manager said. Joe Gomez, Joel Matip, Adam Lalana and Emre Zhang missed out for injuries, but Clop added that despite these shortcomings he would pull out the best possible team.