Conte: Chelsea had a bad day

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has not been disappointed by the loss at home with a catastrophic 0: 3 from Bournemouth in the 25th round of the Premier League.

“The rival won the victory. There was a lot of fighting in this game, we were trying to do something, but it was difficult even in the first half when the score was still 0: 0.

There is no need to justify, but we have to get to work by accepting this bad result and we will answer what we will be fighting for this season, “said Conte.

This was, however, the first defeat of the last nine Premier League Champions League matches and they occupy the fourth position.

“There is no need to worry because we will have to fight for a place in the Champions League, and if someone does not understand what we are facing this season, he does not understand football, football is not a simple game” , said the Chelsea manager who is equal to third Liverpool.

“We can not be dreamers, it is easy to tell you that we are fighting for the title, but the reality is quite different, and it will be a huge success if we get to the Champions League,” added the Italian specialist.