CSKA (Moscow) threw a hard fight at Arsenal (Tula)

CSKA (Moscow) threw Arsenal (Tula) in a solid home in the penultimate 29th round of the Russian Premier League. The Armenians made 6: 0 and climbed to 3rd in the standings. Georgi Milanov did not appear in the game for the hosts, while Mikhail Alexandrov played a whole game for the guests.

Fyodor Chalov unwound the hattrick in the 2 nd, 21 th and 43 th minute. Two more goals added Ahmed Musa in the 11th and 49th minutes. In addition, Alexander Golovin scored in the 40th minute.

After this victory, CSKA gathered 55 points and went to third place, Arsenal remaining 7th with 39 points in its assets.