De Rossi: The missed penalty could give us a chance

Daniele de Rossi, the captain of the team, commented ironically on the penalty kick in the semi-final rematch against Liverpool.

However, the experienced footballer noted that the reason for the elimination of Roma was not this episode, and the catastrophic minutes in the first game when the “wolves” received five irrepressible goals and although they returned two, they reduced their chances to move forward. In the rematch, Roma reached 4: 2 in the closing minutes, but was late for a new miracle.

“I saw the game with my hand, I looked around and thought I thought it was. I was there and I saw everything, but my opinion does not matter. The penalty could turn the game, but in any case gave us some chance, because it was another half hour. However, the outcome of the semi-finals is decided in 180 minutes, and in Liverpool we have some eclipse.

We are proud of all the boys, we have shown that we do not give in to the rest, and we have to play semifinals in the Champions League at least once every three years, not once at 30. We will work to become a stronger team, “De Rossi .