End of the drama! Messi re-signed under a huge clause

World Superstar Lionel Messi finally signed his new contract with Barcelona, ​​putting an end to any speculation about a possible departure this summer when the deal was over. The contract with the club is extended until 2021, with a ransom clause of EUR 700 million. His new salary is € 560,000 per week, and the re-signing bonus is € 80 million.

As early as July 5, the Catalan club announced an agreement with the Argentine, but the signing of the signatures was postponed for a long time. Messi himself was silent until the leadership said it was safe. However, because of the ambiguity, speculation has emerged that the assailant deliberately twists the hands of his boss, Joseph Barthomeu, because he disagrees with his management.

Yesterday, 30-year-old Leo was awarded the European Top Scorer’s “Golden Boot” for the previous season. He noticed that he did not give a word about the new treaty.

Messi has been in Barcelona since he was 13, and if he stays until the end of his contract in 2021, he will record more than 20 years at Camp Nou.

On his account with the Los Cules team, he has eight Prize Division titles and four Champions League titles. He is the only one in the world with five “Golden Balls”, but this is expected to be leveled by Cristiano Ronaldo soon.