Everton officially announced Sam Allardyce

Everton officially announced Sam Allardyce as club manager with a contract for 18 months, it became clear after a statement on the caramel site. The former England manager agreed to save Crystal Palace from relegation last year but left before the start of the season.

“Everton can confirm the appointment of Sam Allarddys as a new club manager by June 2019,” Everton said.

63-year-old Aradieis out of Wayne Rooney’s hat-trick for the team’s 4: 0 victory over West Ham last night and beats Jerseys on 13th in the standings, just five points out of the danger zone. In a private conversation, people in the club admitted that they were their first choice after firing Ronald Cumman. Expectations before the season were quite another with 200 million spent on new players, and Everton is also out on top of the Europa League tournament.

Ironically, Aradie’s right hand and assistant will be Sammy Lee, a legend of Liverpool’s rival city since the early 1980s. The club has been nine times champion of England, but since 1995 has not won any trophy. But now, Allardyce has to resolve the problems with the team’s defense, which has made 28 hits since the start of the season. And while he will have to look for a player in the attack, he will probably have to split up with some of the midfielders because there are quite a lot of people in there.

“We have nothing to lie about, the team is having a hard time at the moment and we need changes on many levels, and I hope that Sam Allardy is the right person to make those changes,” said Fahrdah Mohsari, the club’s main shareholder.