FA picked up José again

The Football Association of England called for Jose Mourinho to provide an official explanation for his words before the derby between his Manchester United and Manchester City from the 16th round in the Premiership. The Portuguese is the subject of an investigation because of his statement that the opponents’ footballers fall on the ground only with a slight blow of the wind. So he visibly ironizes them that they simulate.

Mourinho has a deadline of 20:00 on December 18 (Monday) to execute the FA order.

His exact remarks were as follows: “Manchester City has a good team that defensively defends and responds correctly to the moment they lose the ball. There is a dynamism in their attack, and their movement on the pitch is very creative. He has extraordinary footballers, their coach is fantastic – they have a lot of good things. If you ask me about something I do not like, it is that they very easily lose balance. You know – to blow a light wind and they fall “.

Otherwise, tonight Manchester City and Manchester United had to give an explanation for the fight after the match. The FA is expected to announce the penalties.