Freiburg welcomes Koln

Freiburg welcomes Koln in a game from the 32th round of the Bundesliga. Let’s examine this game in our vip soccer bets.

Freiburg are still fighting for their survival in the league. They are currently 16th in the league standings with 30 points, being in the relegation playoff zone. Freiburg are on par with the 15th Mainz 05, but Mainz have better stats, which allows them to be positioned in the safe zone. Wolfsburg on the other hand are 14th in the Bundesliga having 30 points as well.

As you can see, anything can happen until the end of the season – we have three teams with the same amount of points. And one of them will participate in a relegation playoff against a team from the 2. Bundesliga.

So far Freiburg have a record of 6 wins, 12 draws and 13 defeats. This was not the best season for the club. In their last five games Freiburg are terrible – five consecutive losses. We can say that they are not helping themselves very much in this decisive time of the season. Can they improve in the last three rounds of the league? It remains to be seen.

Koln already lost their place in the Bundesliga. They are 16th in the league standings with just 22 points since the beginning of the season. This has been one of Koln’s worst seasons in their history. Which is surprising, because last year Koln played very good and even qualified for Europa League. But now things are very, very different.

Koln have a very modest record of 5 wins, 7 draws and 19 defeats since the start of the season. In their last five games they won once, made two draws and lost twice.

These are our vip soccer bets for the Bundesliga game between Freiburg and Koln.