Guardiola disagrees with Mourinho: The battle for the title is not over

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola thinks the Premier League title is still over, although “citizens” have 15 points ahead of the second, and 13 rounds remain at the end of the championship. Earlier today his colleague in Manchester United Jose Mourinho actually admitted that the battle for the first place was over and the “red devils” were fighting for the second position.

“There are 13 more rounds, 39 points to play on, and we are leading with 15. Nothing is over, we have to play incredibly difficult games, like tomorrow, everybody knows that it is very difficult to play against Burnley. to stay at Stoke City and Everton.We have to play with Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea, and definitely nothing is over, “said Guardiola.

The Spaniard added that it is still unclear whether David Silva will play against Burnley after the midfielder was forced to play against West Bromwich. Benjamin Mendi, who has been out since September, is recovering well and in March he has to resume training.