Guardiola has a favorite in the Champions League

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola revealed to which team he would hold his fingers in the Champions League. “Citizens” dropped out of the Liverpool 1/4-finals, but Pep has another favorite for the trophy.

“Because we and Barcelona have dropped out, I’m going to Bayern. I hope this time to go more than they did in the previous seasons, “Guardiola said, who spent three years at the helm of the Bavarians but could not reach the final in the Champions League. “When a rival has eliminated you with a 1: 5 total score, you can only congratulate him. I liked how we responded after the loss of Anfield, we also played very strongly to the break against Manchester United. Let’s not forget that our goal against Liverpool was unjustly canceled. Every detail in the Champions League is of paramount importance. We have performed better than last year. We will win the most important tournament. We need 5 more points and we will be champions, “said the Catalan specialist before the Tottenham match.

“Right now everything is in our hands, we have a good lead. But we have to be careful because everything is happening in football. And in the NBA, no one had finished a final 1: 3, but two years ago Cleveland Cavaliers did. I also remember how long ago Real Madrid recorded six consecutive losses at the end of the season and dropped the title. That’s why we can not afford a relaxation, “Guardiola added.