Guardiola hopes Arteta will not leave but will not stop at Arsenal offer

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola said he would understand if Mikel Arteta was asked to become Arsenal’s next coach. But his hopes are for the Basque to stay with the City champions and they will continue their joint work.

Arteta is Guardiola’s assistant in 2016, but in some media he is arguably the perfect replacement for Arsene Wenger, who leaves the gunmen after 22 years in office.

“Mikel’s contribution to the good results is incredibly valuable, we work together so well, and staying with us will make me the happiest person in the world.” If she decides to move because there is such a proposal, I will not say that there is no need I want the best for my friends, and I will be really sad, but I will understand his position, his career and life, but we hope he can stay and finish what we started, “said Guardiola after success over Southampton with 1: 0.

Former midfielder Arteta has 150 Arsenal matches under Wenger’s lead from 2011 to 2016.