How many penalties did Real Madrid have to get?

Last night’s big derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid has been rampant with a number of controversial situations. In most situations, guests from Santiago Bernabeu may be considered injured by chief judge Fernandez Borbalan.

The “White” repeatedly raised their hands in the air with requests for a penalty. The most serious reasons for this were in the 36th minute when Luca Hernandez kicked Sergio Ramos in an excellent goal for the champions.

Judge analyst Marca Anduhar Oliver has no penalty because the strike is “involuntary.” “One tries to clear and the other to shoot, the referee’s decision is right,” says Oliver. The AS judge’s judge is in a different opinion: “It is a penalty. If he had bent his head down, it would be an indirect free kick.” The Atletico player lapsed late, the penalty was “.

In the 83nd Diego Godin stopped the ball after a shot by Cristiano Ronaldo. The hand is in the natural state, although it is not tightly packed. Two minutes later, Huffran played with his hand in the penalty box with an air duel. Hand playing is also unconscious and the referee again decided not to point to the white point. There was also a hand in Real’s penal field. In the 78th minute, Ianik Ferreira Karasco fired at Kikos Kasia’s door and the ball thrust from Cristiano Ronaldo’s hand. One hand of the Portuguese is off, but the ball hits the raised upper limb.

Bernabeu is generally rabid with Borbalan’s overall judging. Besides not playing a penalty, he did not even give yellow cards to Luca Hernandez and Angel Korea. The first broke Ramos’ nose with a kick and the second deliberately kicked the ball into Karim Benzema’s head when the game stopped. What is your opinion about the situation?