Jordi Alba discarded the stuffed and bottled food on his menu

Barcelona football player and Spanish national team Jordi Alba talk to Tutosport about his new way of life and the new method of eating.

“I’ve always been running many kilometers in the games, but now I feel the best, my new diet has helped me a lot, I have refused to drink carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola and Fanta and I do not go to fast food now,” said the experienced protector .

On Wednesday Spanish champion Barca will face Juventus in a championship group match.

“A club like Barcelona is always obliged to win We have to win three points against one big opponent The change of the circuit helped us a lot We play with four in the defense We do not defend as well as the Italian teams but the difference is obvious for all “said another 28-year-old Jordi Alba.

The “Blue and Red” are headed to a “D” group with a 10 point asset, while Juventus has three points less in the second position.