Juve broke out early, but Tottenham enjoyed a spectacle in Torino

The Juventus and Tottenham teams did not win the first 1/8-final clash with each other in the Champions League. The Allianz Stadio meeting in Turin finished 2-2. The two teams created a spectacular collision, with the hosts taking an early lead after Gonzalo Iguain’s two goals in the 2nd and 9th minute of the penalty shootout. The Spurs, however, returned one shot through Harry Kain in the 35th minute, and Christian Eriken equalized in the 71st minute. The hosts may regret that they did not score a third goal at the end of the first half when they received a second penalty, but the Iguayin crossed the crossbar. So the English have gone more than satisfied with this goal draw, which is a wonderful tournament result and gives them excellent chances before the Wembley rematch.

Massimiliano Allegri had chosen the 4-3-3 chip lead with Gianluigi Buffon at the door and Matia De Shilio, Medi Benati, Giorgio Cielini and Alex Sandro in the defense. Sami Kedera, Federico Bernardeski and Miralem Pianic were at the center of the pitch. The trio in attack was composed by Mario Manjukic, Douglas Kosta and Gonzalo Igguin.

For the guests Mauricio Pocetino had a 4-2-3-1 draw with Hugo Loris under the frame and Serge Orie, Jan Vertongen, Davinson Sanchez Mina and Ben Davis in the defense. Musa Dembele and Eric Dyer had the role of defensive midfielders, while Eric Lamela and Christian Eriksen were on the wings. Dele Ali was behind the striker Harry Kane.
The game started great for the hosts. In the 2nd minute they received a foul in the middle of the field, which was filled with a learned position by Miralem Pianic. The Bosnian team found Gonzalo Iguaine unbeaten in the penalty area and the volleyball Argentine sent the ball into the net for 1: 0.

Tottenham attempted to return quickly to the match and a minute later Cristian Eriksen made a blow that was inaccurate.

In the 9th minute, Ben Davis committed an offense against Federico Bernardeski in the penalty area and Judge Felix Brich pointed to the white point. Behind the ball again came Iguaine and did not make a mistake for 2: 0.

In the 17th minute, Harry Kane attempted to challenge a penalty kick in the penalty area after being pushed by Medi Benatija, but Felix Brich was determined he would not give a penalty for such a thing.

In the 26th minute Tottenham came to his first big chance in the match. Harry Kane was found centered in the pennant and shot at his head, but Buffon with a brilliant reflex managed to keep his door.

Three minutes later, Christian Eriksen made a rather dangerous shot and crossed the beam.

Juve played more with the idea of ​​acting on the counterattack. That is how the hosts have reached their next chance in the game. The ball was taken from the penalty area of ​​the “bianconers”, which quickly pushed it forward. Iguaine and Pianic combined greatly, the Argentine was drawn into the pennant, flipped a defender, and fired hard, but inches to the beam.

Tottenham’s attacks, however, have become increasingly dangerous. In the 32nd minute, Cain received a nice pass in the penalty area and instantly shot a blow that was again beaten by Buffon.

In the 35th minute the guests returned one shot. They took the ball in the middle of the pitch, Dele Ali dropped a pass for Caine, who flipped Buffon and scored in the empty door.

In the 40th minute, Eriksen made a real shot at Buffon’s door, but he showed the class again and managed to hit the blow.

In the last minute of the first half, Douglas Kosta made a great break to the left and was stumped in the lead by Serge Orie and the judge did not hesitate to take a second penalty for Juve. Again, Iguaine struck the 11-meter stroke, but this time he staked the power and fired at the crossbar.

The second part started a little more relaxed. Juventus first came to a goal in the 57th minute when Bernardesky made a strong diagonal shot, saved by Loris. In the subsequent corner, Mario Manjukic closely shot his head, but right in the goalkeeper’s body.

In the 70th minute Cain attempted a surprise blow of about 25 meters, for the first time Buffon showed hesitation and failed to catch the ball.

In the 71st minute the “Spores” received a foul in front of the penalty area. Behind the ball came Cristiano Eriksen, who, with a strong hit on the ground, surprised Buffon and equalized for 2: 2.
Juventus – Tottenham + 35

Juve attacked and in the 77th minute Bernardesky tried a distant strike, which after a ricochet made Loris difficult, but the Frenchman managed to deal with the situation. The hosts, however, failed to organize enough powerful pressure to bother the opponent and the game ended without more goals.

So Tottenham got a valuable tournament result that gives priority before the rematch. Juve will almost certainly have to look for Wembley, which will not be an easy task.