Juventus returned to top in Buffon’s 500

Champion Juventus defeated Fiorentina 2-0 in the Artemio Franky’s first round of the 24th Series and returned to the top, albeit temporarily. Juventus goals scored Federico Bernadeschi with an excellent free kick in the 55th minute and Gorman Gonzalo Iguain on duty five minutes before the end.

With the victory, Juventus gathered 62 points and outpaced 2 Napoli, who on Saturday night accepts Lazio and, in the wrong step, can give up and permanently the leadership position of “The old lady”.

Logically, the game started with pressure from the hosts who were trying to bother Juventus’ defense but did not get into dangerous situations. In the 18th minute, a Fiorentina penalty kick was made for playing Giorgio Cielini’s hand in the penalty area.

The situation was quite controversial and the referee Marko Guidah consulted the VAR system. He initially confirmed his decision, but subsequently canceled it and did not need the legendary goalkeeper of the Torino Gianluigi Buffon to show up in his 500 number match with the Juventus team in Serie A and Serie B.

The game continued to be very intense, but there were no dangerous situations in front of the two doors and both teams retreated without a goal.

Juventus picked up in the second half, and in the 55th minute he managed to make a perfect free kick near the penalty area. Federico Bernadesky, who sent the ball across the wall in the far corner, made his way through the middle.

In the 71st minute, Buffon rescued his attacking team from being hit by a knock on the ball from Kieza’s legs, who looked up with him.

A little later, Croatian Milan Badel attempted to surprise Buffon with a blow from the border of the penalty area, but the ball ricocheted and went outside the outline of the door.

Fourteen hours before the end of the match, Bernadersky was replaced by Fiorentina’s typhus, which did not like the fact that he was delighted after his fall in the door of his former team.

Five minutes before the end of the match, Argentine striker Gonzalo Iguaine, who was behind Fiorentina’s defense with a pass from Giorgio Cielini, was named after the scorer. The Iguaine advanced potently and easily overcame the Spyreello hosts. The hosts tried to score a goal, but Juventus’ defense did not allow it to be surprised and so the bianconers congratulated the success of the inhospitable stadium in Florence.