Kaka revealed why he refused a 100-million transfer in Man City

The Golden Ball Cavalier for 2007 Kaka was asked to explain for the failed last minute transfer from Milan to Manchester City for the £ 100m in 2009.

“I was called by my father, who was also my agent at the time, being very excited and explaining to me that an England club, Manchester City, is offering a lot of money to me in Milan, and before I can react, that the Rosoners are ready to accept the offer, and by this time I had no idea that City was interested in me because they did not approach the situation in the usual way.

Typically, a team first would contact the player’s agent, but they did offer Milan’s money, and then they asked me if I agreed. It was quite normal to start imagining the future in another country with a new challenge. My proposed salary was sometimes higher than in Milan, so I started to think.

After all, all the details were agreed and I was only supposed to sign, but something told me that it was not the moment now. I was not sure if City’s project was going to work because they wanted to replace the whole team and take time. I preferred to bet on the safer option and stay in one of the greatest clubs in history, instead of embarking on something new and uncertain, “Kaka told FourFourTwo magazine.